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18 November 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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Well, if you’re on this page then you must be preparing for your CBSE board exams 2021 for class 12 but still, your preparations must be in a tight spot.


Honestly, you can’t learn everything now as the time is less, but still, you can mug up few tips to get yourself back in the field.


Along with that, these tips are also for those who have done their preparations and are in the revision phase.


One thing to mention here is that these following tips are by Mr. Biswajit Das, a retired professor from the Dept. of Electronics, Sarsuna College, Kolkata.


Each word of these tips is by his own mouth and experience, and none has been added for promotional purposes.



That being said, let’s get started.


1. Always go for formulas and units of quantities – Don’t worry if you haven’t read the chapters, the formulas and units of quantities are something you can memorise easily, and will help you a lot.


This must look like a generic advice, but according to researches and surveys, 72.7% of class 12 students that appear for board exams always go for big concepts and advanced books and forget these basic tips, DON’T.


Don’t you forget that the entire question paper will only be based on CBSE textbook so, don’t go for advanced ones and learn these simple formulas and units of quantities and you can thank us later.



2. Electricity chapter is confusing but easy and scoring – Yes, electricity is not just another chapter, it’s highly recommended as it’s very easy and scoring.


Although a little confusing but this chapter is highly important.


Go for static and current electricity.


Also, don’t go for diagrams, as the current paper is MCQ-based still you can go through them for once, just in case. While doing so, look for the small parts and their names and purposes.   



3. Alternating Currents chapter – You must be going through all the circuits, that’s good but don’t you forget the LCR circuits.


Don’t just read its theory, read its diagrams and functioning as well. One of the MCQ could be like – A circuit diagram would be given, all it’s parts will be given a number say, 1,2,3… and you’ll be asked to name the 4th part which is missing from the circuit.


LCR circuit diagrams are also scoring, and have appeared a lot in exams. Go for them.



4. Gravitation is comparatively easier and quite interesting as well. If you can devote only 3 dedicated days to this chapter, then it’ll contribute a lot to your results. Don’t miss this, chapter and always go for small details, like units and formulas and others.



5. If you haven’t made Mind Maps yet, then you should definitely start creating them. They’ll help you a lot. Just a quick glance at them will remind you everything you have read so far. So don’t forget them.



Wrapping it Up!


These are the five tips and it’s up to you if you find them interesting and helpful or not. They are from an authentic source and we considered this as our duty to share these with you.



NEXT – Tomorrow we’ll provide tips for Business Studies, stay tuned!  



All the Best!      



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