6 Go-To Resources of Oswaal Books

6 Go-To Resources of Oswaal Books

26 May 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

There are several publication houses that publish academic content for school children. However, Oswaal Books rises above the pack. Established in 1950, it has garnered decades of experience in providing books that can help students excel in their studies. As a leading publishing house, Oswaal Books has always ensured that its books stay updated according to the latest syllabus.

Here are 8 go-to resources of Oswaal Books that you will definitely find useful:


Question Banks

The Question Banks give chapter and topic wise introduction as well as on-tips notes for systematic study and snapshot revision. It incorporates tools like mind maps and flowcharts to help students organize information visually and understand concepts better. There are solved papers with toppers answers and as per the prescribed marking scheme. It also includes board exam questions of previous years from various boards. The pattern of Question Banks comprises MCQs, VSA, Short, Long, and Very Long Answer Questions, Value-Based, and HOTS Questions for practice.


Sample Question Papers

The Sample Question Papers are a set of 10 model test papers based on the latest CBSE syllabus of the current academic year. Five of these test papers come with solutions as per the marking scheme of the board along with the handwritten answers by toppers and on-tips notes. The answers are explained in detail within the word limit specified by the board. Students who have registered on the website of Oswaal Books can download the solutions of Sample Question Papers (from this link: https://www.oswaalbooks.com/download-solutions.php


Free Resources

You can browse through a number of free resources such as solved question papers, section-wise notes and summary, quick chapter-wise review, period tests, flowcharts, mind maps, and 2019 board exam syllabus on Oswaal website. After you register, you can access the online material without any cost on this link: https://www.oswaalbooks.com/free-resources/index.php.



Academic life can be quite overwhelming. It boggles your mind with umpteen questions such as how to prepare for board exams, how to score above 90%, how to deal with bullying in school, what career should you take up, and so on. Right from beating exam stress to choosing the right career path, you can get useful information on the blog page of Oswaal Books. Visit https://www.oswaalbooks.com/blog to know more.


E-books/PDF books

Don’t want to clutter your study room with hard copies? No worries, you can even order e-books and PDF versions, Now Oswaal Books has made available all books in E-book form, click here to get your favorite Oswaal Books You will be able to access the e-copy within 5-15 minutes of your online purchase.



You can browse through some interesting as well useful videos on the YouTube channel of Oswaal Books. The channel also showcases reviews of Oswaal Books by users and steps to download resources from the website.



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