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Project KHEL: The Success Of An NGO

7 Jul | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Project KHEL is a non-profit that works towards enabling teenagers to make way for an equal ad inclusive society. They run a number of successful programs that has made a difference in many lives. Here are the details of the programs run by this NGO:

Made in Maidaan: The Project KHEL education programme helps in making the underprivileged kids privileged enough to learn the skills of 21st century that are imperative to survive in the country. The kids are given education by way of practical learning making sports, story telling, theater, art and crafts, dance and other engaging games as the means.

Teen Talks: The team of project KHEL took it upon them to educate the teens about the nuances of puberty so that when it hits them it doesn’t come as a shock. A teen talk is a forum wherein the members discuss these things at length. The children are open to ask their queries, share experiences and related issues that have been left unanswered up till now since they are considered as a taboo.

Ab Bas: Sexual abuse amidst children is one of the most sensitive issues taken up by the NGO. They formulated this program to empower and engage kids to know and understand the concept of good touch and bad touch. This is accomplished by using role-play, action songs etc. to provide better understanding to kids. This program enables the kids to speak up about any such problems that they might have faced in the past.

Red Spot: It is a revolt against people who think talking about menstrual cycle is a taboo. The program explains in detail hygiene management during the cycle and the things that girls need to take care of in this duration. The issues related to the cycle are discussed at length without anyone being ashamed of the natural phenomenon in the human body. 

Just Khelo: it is a weekend volunteering program that initiates play hours in the lives of people. The interested adults sign up as the volunteers to play with underprivileged children. This enables camaraderie to be established between both the strata’s of the society and help the adults in reminiscing the past experiences of their life. 

Khel shaala: This is a pilot initiative that helps the kids feed their curiosity with respect to education. The underprivileged kids who have always wanted to make a mark by educating themselves but haven’t been able to achieve the same due to lack of resources are helped out in this initiative. The program helps in providing functional literacy in a fun and interesting manner to the children. 

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