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Effective Ways To Build Vocabulary In Students

28 Jun | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

The idea of using good words while writing and speaking has lost its meaning with the advent of SMS language and abbreviations. Let alone using good grammar and powerful words, students these days struggle to use correct spellings as a result of inappropriate ways of writing (slangs) on social media. The fading skill has been a unanimous motif in all the deliberation sessions held with teachers to understand performance of students in languages.

Without having the knowledge of fancy words, it gets difficult to put the ideations to verbal or written use. This is precisely why building vocabulary should be important for students. Here are some of the effective ways to build vocabulary.

Read and read some more:  Reading has been known to increase you vocabulary, work on your creative skills and help with grammar issues. This is why students should put the school library to a good use and get better with words. Reading also helps in developing connotations for words that might not otherwise become a part of your vocabulary.

Use a dictionary: With time reading and consequentially use of a dictionary has faded. But keeping a dictionary handy works best for people who are on the constant lookout for learning new and improved synonyms to Basic English words. You can also download a free dictionary application on to your smart phone. This way a dictionary will always be accessible to you when attempting to learn new words.

A good way to learn is to make a note of the words learnt on a giving day and then try and use them while writing or talking. This helps in remembering the new word for a longer span of time until it becomes a regular word in your vocabulary.

Shun the use of SMS language and slangs:  You might think of using slangs and SMS language as cool, but it only spoils your ability to learn properly. When we think and talk in the slang language it registers with our brain as a medium to communicate for later. So when you try and talk in a correct grammar, you will end up falling short of words.

Play word games: The easiest and the most fun way of building vocabulary is to play word games. This works your brain cells in getting out the correct words, spelling and grammar embedded in the mind. Invest in scrabble, Pictionary and other such games that help in working on the vocabulary.  Learning with friends is always easy and fun, but these games are also available online in case you fall short of a partner to play.

Improve your context skills. Research shows that the vast majority of words are learned from context. To improve your context skills pay close attention to how words are used. Searching a word on Google will give you many examples of how that word is used in context. This helps in building the vocabulary on a daily basis and provides high retention as well.

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