12 Aug | Source: Oswaal Books Library & Image Courtesy : Google


Like Satan’s lullaby does the alarm sound

Shattering my dreams and thoughts profound

I wake up but back I tumble

I moan, I cry, I grumble, I fumble

I reach for my bag, the living proof of despair

I grab my notes, “life isn’t fair”

I brave the chariot of fire

I curse every board and horn and tyre

I glower as the bell gives a maniacal shriek

Even as the birds outside so sweetly speak

I look at the disappointed faces

And for boredom everyone braces

As we delve into the world of Carbon and machines

And homeworks and routines
I see the curious faces and the fascination

I see the creativity and the imagination

I realise why I still stick around

I give it my all and I see them spellbound

I see the anger and the hate and the lies

In those keen brown eyes

I see the accusation and the suppression

I tell them about life and limitations and expectation

All they needed was some motivation

One teacher can inspire a revolution

Can even change a delinquent into a solid citizen

A lesson needn’t be in print

All they need are kind words and a warm glint

Believe in them and strike the right chord

Their success is your own reward.

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