CBSE joins hands with tech giants Microsoft & IBM to infuse AI curriculum in schools

CBSE joins hands with tech giants Microsoft & IBM to infuse AI curriculum in schools

9 September 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

In its recent move, the Central Board of Secondary Education has signed partnerships with Microsoft India and IBM to focus on introducing tech skills for teachers and AI curriculum in schools.

Partnership with Microsoft:

In its partnership with Microsoft India, CBSE is looking to conduct capacity building programmes for high school teachers with an aim to integrate cloud-powered technology in K12 teaching and inculcating digital teaching skills in educators through curriculum as well as extra-curricular training.

This programme for teachers of grades VIII to X will be conducted in 10 cities, starting September 11.

Partnership with IBM:

CBSE’s partnership with IBM stresses on building the curriculum for AI for school children.

The first stage will have an orientation workshop for CBSE school principals / school leaders with the focus being on significance of AI as an emerging technology and the need to have an innovation-ready ecosystem for everyone.

In stage two, CBSE teachers will be trained in the workshop to help build foundational skills of AI through a customised curriculum that can enable teachers to guide and mentor students on solving AI problems.

In stage three, there will be the AI-enabled SEWA programme for students where IBM trained experts will go to selected schools in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi, to train students and make them innovation and AI-ready.

The central government had allocated more than $480 Mn under the Digital India initiative in the Union Budget last year and it is a great effort by the Central Board of Secondary Education to act upon it and make good use.