6 things to know about CBSE Class 10 Basic Math Board Exam

6 things to know about CBSE Class 10 Basic Math Board Exam

3 September 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

For the first time beginning from 2020, CBSE Class 10 would be conducting the Basic Mathematics examination. Under the newly launched rules, students now have the choice to choose between Basic Mathematics, instead of Standard Mathematics.

Basic Mathematics would have a separate Question Paper and Examination Code which would be mentioned on the certificate of the students.

Students who wish to opt for Basic Mathematics are required to select the course at the time of filling the LOC, last date of which is September 30. This option was introduced in 2019 to lessen the stress of students who do not wish to continue studying Maths in higher classes.

Under the new provision, a simpler version of the ‘Standard Mathematics’ course called basic mathematics was introduced in 2019. Students would study the same syllabus but can opt for an easier version of examination. However, those who choose Basic Mathematics would not be then eligible to continue Mathematics in classes 11 and 12.

Students who take Basic Mathematics have the option of appearing for Standard Mathematics examination. The Compartment examinations for the same will be conducted in the month of July by CBSE, provided they clear the Basic Mathematics examination in the February – March examination.

Thos who have opted for Basic Mathematics are eligible to take up Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science or IP in Classes 11 and 12.