Parents request board to reduce syllabus for classes 9 and 11

Parents request board to reduce syllabus for classes 9 and 11

20 August 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

In a recent move, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) announced a uniform examination system across all its schools for Class 9 and Class 11.

The announcement had its repercussions as parents have now demanded the board to reduce the syllabus of each class.

In an online petition initiated by a Mumbai based parent, over 4,000 signatories have requested the CISCE to reduce the syllabus to ensure “children are not overburdened.”

“The syllabi for Class 9 and Class 11 are vast, with 15-20 chapters per subject. With the board setting the question papers, it is going to be very stressful for students as they have no idea about what to expect. We hope the council reduces the syllabus so that the process of common exams becomes smooth for students,” said one of the parents who signed the petition.

Gerry Arathoon, chief executive and secretary, CISCE, said, “So far the schools were teaching the same syllabus and we did not get a single complaint stating that the syllabus was vast. Now that we have introduced common papers, parents are worried as many schools often skip a lot of concepts from these classes and only focus on the boards [Class 10 and 12 exams]. The idea behind the move is to stop that practice and ensure that students learn the entire syllabus for that year”.

In a circular released last month, the council had stated that it would send common question papers and set a common timetable for Class 9 and Class 11 exams to bring uniformity in the paper pattern and ensure schools teach the entire syllabus for these classes.