CBSE issues fresh set of guidelines for students
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CBSE issues fresh set of guidelines for students

20 August 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

CBSE issues fresh set of guidelines for students

Considering the personal data, the Central Board of Secondary Education has released few strict guidelines catering to both teachers and students.

Off late, the Board observed that students after passing Class X and Class XII are making requests to alter their personal data viz-their name, date of birth, name of their mother and father and to issue revised Educational Documents.

Adhering to these requests is a difficult job for both schools and the board as this leads to creating an entirely new identity.

CBSE has briefed schools to ensure that no student from the present batch of IXth class should appeal for change of personal information in the coming year.

In this regard, CBSE will be taking following measures:

Request the schools to bring into the notice of the students that how correct data is to be provided for registration.

Registration details will be provided to the students and the parents in the form of registration card by the school to confirm correctness of details.

List of Candidate (LOC) will be based on the data provided in registration record. Parents will sign the LOC as a confirmation of the correctness of data.

Undertaking about correctness of data on Admit Card by candidate and parent. Parents will sign an undertaking at the back of the Class X and XII certificate that they have checked the data and found correct.

Similarly, schools are asked to follow the below measures:

Students must give the expanded name of Self and Father/ Mother/Guardian. No abbreviations be given.

May check that their data is similar in all the documents like Date of Birth Certificate, School records, Aadhaar and Passport etc.

Mention the name of mother and father as it is in their official/Govt record. Nick name or name through which they are known as in their family may not be mentioned.

They will anticipate the requirement of the surname as when visiting abroad, it may be required by the visiting country to have both name and Surname.

Their Date of Birth is as per Date of Birth certificate and as per school record.

Students should describe their name in full i.e. no abbreviated form shall be accepted.

While uploading data, schools will be responsible for ensuring the following:

Spelling of name of student/mother/father/Guardian is correct and is as per Admission & Withdrawal Register maintained by the school. It may be ensured that full name of the candidate/mother/father/guardian be filled to avoid corrections in the future and avoid hardship to the candidate. Abbreviations should not be used.

Date of Birth is correct and is as per Admission & Withdrawal Register maintained by the school.

Subject combinations are correct and as per Scheme of Studies.

Subject codes should be chosen carefully & especially in the following subjects, codes be chosen correctly: (i) in Class -IX: Hindi–A (002), Hindi –B(085), Urdu A(003), Urdu B(303), Mathematics Standard(041), Mathematics Basic(241). (ii) in Class–XI: Hindi Core(302), Hindi Elective(002), English Core(301), English Elective(001) Sanskrit Core(322), Sanskrit Elective(022),   Urdu Core(303), Urdu Elective(003).

Schools can submit their data in OASIS without any penalty till September 30, 2019.

However later, penalty as applicable in 2018 shall be imposed.

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