NCERT Director shows concern on ‘Literature’ vanishing from schools
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NCERT Director shows concern on ‘Literature’ vanishing from schools

19 August 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

NCERT Director shows concern on ‘Literature’ vanishing from schools

The idea of perfect schooling should be inclusivity of all subjects and topics. Thus, literature is as important a subject as Science or Math. There’s definitely more to schooling than just applying logic.

Recently, NCERT Director Hrushikesh Senapaty expressed concern over the absence of focus on literature in schools these days. According to him, emphasizing on changing the mindset of students and encouraging them to read and improvise should be the aim of schools.

Recently, at the inaugural function of ‘Scrapbook 2019 – Children’s publishing Conclave’ organized by FICCI, he said, ““Knowledge construction will be done by the children themselves, but we will have to create a conducive environment. We will have to facilitate and encourage divergent thinking for innovation and creativity among the children.”

National Book Trust (NBT) chairman Govind Prasad Sharma blamed the decreasing interest in reading and vanishing literature from school education system for curbing the imagination of most students.

“The focus on science and technology may give the child a successful career and a job but literature can build a sense of compassion, sympathy and cooperation among the children. Absence of literature from education and schools is a cause of concern,” he added. 

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