ICSE council will now set common question papers for IX & XI students

ICSE council will now set common question papers for IX & XI students

25 July 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Similar to board examinations, the Indian School Certificate Examination board will now set question papers for students of IX and XI standard who will be tested through common question papers in core subjects.

From next year, the schools will only be responsible for evaluating the answer scripts and preparing the results.

The students who are currently in IX and XI standard will be the first batch to write exams under the new scheme. Though planned to be introduced last year, this new examination pattern got deferred because the schools weren’t ready to incorporate the change.

The decision of introducing the changes is so that the schools only teach the syllabus prescribed for that particular class. The council earlier stated that it received complaints regarding schools teaching portions of Class IX syllabus in class VII and parts of Class X syllabus and Class IX.   

In doing so, the teachers often miss teaching the portions of the present class in their urge to cover syllabus of the subsequent classes in advance. Thus, if the question papers will be set by the council there will be utmost parity.

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