Experts say learning to code should be made compulsory in schools

Experts say learning to code should be made compulsory in schools

19 July 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Gone are the days when kids were the happiest to step out and play all day long. Nowadays, they are either seen glued to mobile phones or entertaining their minds through smart TVs.

In this digital era, even educators and tech experts believe that children need exposure to computational thinking; the methodology of solving problems and finding solutions in ways the computer can execute.

‘The Future of Jobs Report’ by World Economic Forum predicts that 65% of children entering primary schools these days will end up working in completely  new job profiles that don’t even exist yet.

Bharat Divyang an IITian and owner of Zug-Zwang academy, which initiates children into programming said, “A majority of the jobs are soon going to be something that would require algorithmic thinking and programming skills. Algorithmic thinking is nothing but learning to structure one’s own thoughts, stated Divyang.

Though both CBSE and ICSE schools in India have introduced programming as a part of their computer science course, it still remains optional in most schools.

Coding is becoming as important as other academic subjects taught in schools. With evolving times, education and learning in every field is ultimately resulting in the know-how of computer science and IT.

Most colleges and computer institutes have started conducting computer programmes for school children as it has become imperative for them to pick up this skill starting from an early age.


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