CBSE includes Culinary Art subject as a compulsory subject for Classes 6 to 8

CBSE includes Culinary Art subject as a compulsory subject for Classes 6 to 8

16 April 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Culinary art will be added the fifth compulsory added to the CBSE affiliated schools with music, dance, theatre and visual arts to the students of Classes 6 to 8.

This subject will be actively taught from this year itself. Even CBSE board have narrated its affiliated schools to start offering few cooking classes as well from Classes 6 to 8. The schools will be reserving atleast 2 periods for conducting these classes.

Culinary Art is added to rest of the four subjects which were made a s compulsory subjects after a thorough discussion with the stakeholders, teachers, principals , NCERT and other higher authorities and the conclusion was that there is requirement of arts in the education as it will be helpful in assisting in the learning process of the students.

Why Arts introduction in Education is necessary?

1. Integration of Arts with education assists the children to apply exploration, art based enquiry, creativity, investigation and critical thinking related to all the topics. Problem solving and creative thinking is required in all the stages of education.

2. Enhances the experiential learning among the students

3. Arts makes the teaching and learning process lively with the intensive development of certain life skills like communication skills, confidence levels, creativity, self esteem etc.

4. Widens the thinking capability of the minds of the children.


Direction to the schools from CBSE Board:-

1. Schools can decide when and how to conduct these classes but they should take care about the safety and ensures that it will be a fun learning activity.

2. Though the process of the conducting the schools can vary but still there should be interventions which has to be well planned by the schools.

3. Process based evaluation & non-examination based evaluation should be conducted.

4. The curriculum will include practical and project work. The further details will be informed to the schools soon.