Ways CBSE incorporated to stop leaking of Board Papers

Ways CBSE incorporated to stop leaking of Board Papers

3 April 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

CBSE exams will be over this week and this by hopefully there will be no leaks this time like previous years as numerous papers are leaked and the Economics Paper had to be held again for Class XII.

This year CBSE have become more vigilant so that previous years incidents not repeated.

Steps taken by CBSE board to stop leaking of question papers:-

1. In lieu to this CBSE introduced around 30% new questions as well as more than three sets were also introduced this year.

2. OR Codes are introduced on each question paper which would stop the leaking of the question papers as through these codes the source of the leak can be easily detected. Even a backup question paper is also prepared to manage the situations if there is any leak. These encrypted papers can be send to the centres through online mode in few minutes.

3. There is strict supervision on the superintendents also and it’s tracked that when they enter and open the question papers all the pictures of the superintendents are sent through whatsup to the concerned authority.

4. All the students appearing for the examination centre should be seated in the examination hall by 9:50 am or maximum by 10:15 am but there is strictly no entry after this time for the examination which starts from 10:30 am. Even the students are not allowed to roam in the centre after 10 am once they are handed over the question paper.

Scrutinization of the leak of the question papers by CBSE board

1. There are around 17 links which were found over the social media which are selling out original CBSE board papers.

2. Two papers-

A. Economics Class XII and b. Class x Mathematics paper was leaked last year. Two teachers and the owner of a coaching centre were involved who were found accuses and was arrested by Delhi police.

CBSE took the responsibility to assure the parents that there is no leakage of board papers and to be alert about the fake news pertaining to the same.