Marks doesn’t Matter: Enjoy Learning & stop getting stressed with Board Exams

Marks doesn’t Matter: Enjoy Learning & stop getting stressed with Board Exams

13 March 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

As we know that the board exams have already commenced and all the students are trying their level best to give their best shot. They are all set to execute their plans and strategies but the only thing which becomes a deadlock is the term “Exam” as this word is enough to exert stress but the stress is also the result of the peer pressure.

Society plays an important role in putting immense pressure on the students which have totally transformed the learning phase into winning the race where only the winner is recognized. The student who cannot win this race tends to become depressed and also persue shocking decisions. This issue is spreading like fire which requires immediate action.

We have to comprehend the fact that life is lots more than scoring excellent marks or becoming a topper and so to live the life fully we need to take care of ourselves.

The societal pressure and the unhealthy attitude should be eradicated immediately regarding the examination, so that the young minds can enjoy learning and explore new thoughts and ideas. This duty is solely of the parents to convert the stressed environment into an enjoyable environment so that the young minds can concentrate in learning rather than winning the race.

This mission should be active from now and we all should not give immense importance to marks, percentages, subjects rather focus on enjoying learning, inculcate knowledge and enhance competency.