CBSE Board results likely to be declared on 10 May 2019

CBSE Board results likely to be declared on 10 May 2019

27 February 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

The evaluation of both the examination paper of CBSE board Class 10 & Class 12 will be completed by 20th April 2019 and the result will be announced by 10th May 2019. Usually the results for Class 10 & Class 12 are announced in the 3rd week of May but this year the results are likely to be announced earlier, this was narrated by a senior officer of CBSE regional office in Dehradun.

It is not clear whether the results will be announced for both Class 10 & Class 12 on the same date or not.

The results are announced earlier this year as per the instructions of Delhi High Court. The CBSE official proclaimed that they want to ensure that all the students should have their mark sheets and certificates once they are enrolling themselves in the colleges in the month of June or if they desire to change their schools as well.

In 2019- 43, 411 students are appearing for Class 10 Board and 38,795 students for Class 12 board examinations over 156 centre’s.

15 deputy city coordinators and 32 city coordinators are appointed additionally to ensure transparency and security through the examaination process.