CBSE new guidelines for the Board Exams 2019

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CBSE new guidelines for the Board Exams 2019

15 Feb | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

CBSE board exams for class X & XII are commencing from 15 February 2019 and its estimated that around 28 Lakhs students are appearing for it in this year.

Important instructions:-

1. Students have to appear in the exam in their respective school uniforms.

2. Admit card should be signed by the parents of the students and have the school stamp on it.

3. None of the student will be allowed after 10 am in the examination hall.

4.  Things students are permitted to carry:-

  •         Necessary stationary items in a transparent bag.
  •         Diabetic students can carry some snacks.
  •         Mobile phones, smart watches etc strictly not allowed.

5. CBSE explains stress busters, stress builders

Stress builder

  •          “I can’t get the mistake I made in question number 10 out of my mind. The paper is ruined. I have disappointed everyone.”

Stress buster

  •          “No one is perfect. I did my best. I’m overreacting to one mistake when the overall paper is fine.”

6. Do‘s for the students:-

  •         Prepare in breaks.
  •         Half an hour power naps increases the concentration.
  •         Prepare the tough subjects when you can concentrate best.
  •         Eat healthy and nutrious food.

7. Don’ts for the students:-

  •         Never study any new topic at the last moment.
  •         Never stay awake the full night before the examination.