CBSE’s OMR Sheet Decoded for Term 1 Exams
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CBSE’s OMR Sheet Decoded for Term 1 Exams

8 November 2021 | Source: Oswaal Editorial Board

CBSE’s OMR Sheet Decoded for Term 1 Exams

This year the Central Beard of Secondary Education will conduct board exams in two terms for classes 10 and 12. Term 1 exams will be held in November and December 2021 while Term 2 in March and April 2022.

Minor papers of Term 1, for class 10, will begin from November 17  and mahor papers from November 30. While for class 12 minor papers will begin from November 16 and major from December 1.  

Term 1 exams will include MCQs including case-based, assertion reasoning based MCQs.

The board has recently released a sample of OMR sheet for the students. It is done in order to give students an idea of how CBSE Term 1 answer sheet will look like.

The exam duration will be 3 hours covering half of the rationalized syllabus.

Students can download the OMR sheet for CBSE 2021 on the website. Click here to directly download the PDF. 

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