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Incase you are disturbed by Loudspeakers after 10 PM, feel free to dial 100

Students should freely exercise their right to call the police & complain as government is also making sure that loudspeakers aren’t used near exam centres & they also intend to curb this menace which distracts the students with their studies.

The story of a teacher’s noble initiative Mr. Keshav Saran from Rampur

From taking classes under chaupals, this man built an inter college in Rampur which has a total strength of apprx 1300 students now.

Parents feel relieved as schools are to follow only CBSE fees norms

In recent past, parents have been protesting against private schools for flouting the guidelines of Right to Education Act, 2009. Schools have been now asked to strictly follow "no capitation or voluntary donations collected in the name of the i

Parents give mixed response to CBSE’s School Bus Policy

Some parents said it would be very tiresome for them if they have to travel in bus along with their children. This will not save time & opting for school bus service will be of no use.

Tips to score maximum marks in CBSE Exams 2017

Just before the exams, here are some tips to keep in mind right before you enter your examination hall.

Books of Private Publishers will now be reviewed by CBSE

In yet another strong move issued by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Board will now make a periodic review of all the textbooks of private publishers prescribed by its affiliated schools.

CBSE said that School buses must have CCTVs, GPS & Speed governors.

As per latest guidelines issued by Central Board of Secondary Education, School buses will now have to be equipped with GPS system, CCTVs fitted inside the bus & speed governors.

Chocolates & other snacks are now allowed to be taken inside the examination hall, says CBSE

Taking into consideration the health of very young diabetic students, CBSE has announced that only such students are allowed to carry sugar tablets, chocolates, candies & water bottles along with other snacks.

Publishers Bodies clarify in a public awareness message that CBSE circular has not made NCERT books mandatory.

The Indian Publishers Bodies have issued a public awareness notification on 22nd Feb 2017 to various School leaders, educationists, teachers, parents & schools to clarify the details of the decision.

Delhi Government has requested CBSE for a 2-year breather for Class 10th Board

In a drastic move when the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it mandatory for the comeback of Class 10th Board from next academic onwards.