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NCERT Books Class 2

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    Oswaal Books has always been at the forefront to follow any change in the education sector, so as to provide the most updated and simple content. Students are at the heart of whatever we do at Oswaal Books. We publish help books for all the leading boards like CBSE, ICSE and many state boards. Our range of products are second to none, and include Question Bank, worksheets, lab manuals, sample papers and much more. We aim to provide the most relevant content, to help students in a methodical study throughout the year. Apart from the help books, students can also find concepts videos, periodic test, revision notes, and mind maps on our website for absolutely free.

    Students of class 2 need a solid foundation, for future academic success. To meet the objective Oswaal Books publishes Oswaal NCERT workbook across 3 subjects; English, Hindi and Mathematics. These worksheets incorporate a variety of questions covering all the topics. They are strictly based on the latest NCERT textbook. They include mind maps in each chapter and let’s revise for a quick recap.

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