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NCERT Books Class 12

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    Class 12 is a very crucial stage for a student preparing for various entrance exams like, IIT JEE, NEET, and AIIMS etc. She/he not only has to score good in the board exams but also has to tune the preparations with their entrance exams.Oswaal Books publishes Oswaal NCERT Problems-Solutions and Oswaal NCERT Exemplar for Science and Math subjects. The books will play a pivotal role in shaping all the concepts across these two subjects which will thus help the students ace any exam with utmost ease and confidence. OSWAAL NCERT Problems-Solutions is a compilation of all the Questions of the Latest Editions of NCERT Textbook & NCERT Exemplar in a chapter-wise and topic-wise format along with their complete solutions. Whereas, Oswaal NCERT Exemplar includes all Latest NCERT Exemplar Questions Fully solved.

    These books are laden with exam-preparatory tools like Mind Maps, Tips & Tricks, Quick Review and Chapter-wise objectives to facilitate quick revision and better retention at the time of exams.

    Oswaal Books are the first choice of all the CBSE/ISC/ICSE students and are recommended by 2.4 lac teachers. To make your learning simple, order these books today from:

    Q.1. Is the NCERT enough to score decent marks in the CBSE 12th maths?

    If you read carefully and understand every concept then you can score an easy 90+ be it from NCERT or any other book. For instance, for Mathematics, you can buy RD Sharma and solve as many problems as you can.

    Students and mathematics have been like enemies for quite a long time now. The same goes with students who have scored 95 in their exams in the 11th final. It is not very easy for students to focus on the subject. 

    Also, it is noticed that the CBSE board repeats its questions that were even asked 20 years back. All you can do is purchase the ARIHANT ALL IN ONE book and study it thoroughly. Do not depend only on the NCERT books especially for subjects like Mathematics and Science. You should buy other books or CBSE sample papers, CBSE Question banks, NCERT exemplar, etc. from the market and refer to them. Solve as many as possible questions from these books, again and again, to get into the practice of solving problems on your own.


    Q.2. Is NCERT enough for the English CBSE Class 12?

    Yes, NCERT and prescribed textbooks are sufficient for the 12th English CBSE Board exam. The overall trick is-

    1. If you have read all chapters, poems, stories, very good. But, if you haven’t read each of these, you can simply read summaries of every chapter very carefully.

    2. For grammar portion and comprehension, etc. you can refer to NCERT exemplar, CBSE sample papers, and model question papers to get an above-average percentage. 

    You might have to practice for sections where editing and omissions are given. Nonetheless, that’s not very difficult. You can refer to previous year CBSE papers too.


    Q.3. Are NCERT books enough for exam preparation?

    Recently, CBSE has directed all its affiliated schools to instruct their students to use only NCERT books for studying. These books are made compulsory for all students right from Class 1 to 12. However, it is optional for the students to refer to other books too. There were many questions raised on this particular direction by the CBSE. But it cannot be denied that the NCERT books are much helpful to the students to crack exams at different levels. 

    Nonetheless, for subjects that require practicing different types of questions like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Accountancy, and Economics, it is not sufficient to study just NCERT books. After completing your NCERT books and NCERT exemplar for every subject, you can refer to CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE question banks, etc. 

    Q.3. Is NCERT enough for chemistry class 12?

    No, NCERT is not enough for Chemistry class-12 exam. The basic concept of the question paper setting for the boards is conceptualized from the NCERT books. But, at the same time, we do not advise to totally depend on the NCERT books for getting higher marks. It is better to have a second opinion handy at any time of the day.

    After you have completed your NCERT books you can go on to solve or study NCERT exemplar, CBSE sample papers, other NCERT question banks, CBSE questions banks available for each and every subject to have better command on the concepts. basically, the idea of referring to other books apart from syllabus books is to get a broader view of- 

    1. What type of questions has been asked in previous papers?

    2. How can one concept be analyzed and deduced?

    3. What pattern has been followed through the years? and much more



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