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NCERT Books Class 11

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    Are you planning to prepare for NEET and other medical entrance exams while in class 11?

    Well! If yes, then you should be well prepared with all your study material right from the beginning. Since most of the questions asked in the examination are from the NCERT textbooks, you must be thorough with all the concepts given in your NCERT textbooks. And for sufficient practice of questions of varying difficulty level you must solve NCERT Exemplar problems.Oswaal Books publishes Oswaal NCERT Problems-Solutions and Oswaal NCERT Exemplar for Science and Math subjects.  OSWAAL NCERT Problems-Solutions is a compilation of all the Questions of the Latest Editions of NCERT Textbook & NCERT Exemplar in a chapter-wise and topic-wise format along with their complete solutions. Whereas, Oswaal NCERT Exemplar includes all Latest NCERT Exemplar Questions Fully solved.

    Some of the special tools included in these book are:

    1. Chapter-wise & Topic-wise presentation
    2. Mind Maps; which are single page snapshot of the entire chapter, to help you with quick revision and better retention
    3. Tips & Tricks- These are useful guidelines for attempting each question perfectly

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