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NCERT Books Class 10

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    Do you want to leave no stones unturned to score that perfect 100 in your boards?

    Then you must make sure to have a clear understanding of all your concepts and especially of the Science and Math concepts. The requirements of these two subjects are a little different from other subjects. They are more application based where the paper setters can surprise you with never seen before application based questions. Thus, it becomes even more important to give special attention to them. Oswaal Books publishesOswaal NCERT Problems-Solutions and Oswaal NCERT Exemplar to fulfill the above requirements and also to provide students with plethora of challenging questions. OSWAAL NCERT Problems-Solutions is a compilation of all the Questions of the Latest Editions of NCERT Textbook & NCERT Exemplar in a chapter-wise and topic-wise format along with their complete solutions. Whereas, Oswaal NCERT Exemplar includes all Latest NCERT Exemplar Questions Fully solved.

    Oswaal Books are recommended by 2.4 lac teachers because of our simple and the most updated content. To buy these books, visit: today.

    Q.1. Is maths NCERT enough for the preparation of 10th board exams?

    No, for a subject like Mathematics, NCERT book is not enough for preparation. This is definitely true that the NCERT books are full of information. All other books are an adaptation of NCERT books. These books are written and edited by experts after strenuous and extensive research but, is it very important for a student to be familiar with each and every concept especially for Maths. In that case, NCERT books may not be enough for the preparation. 

    If you are an average student with 40-50 marks, then you should refer to an NCERT book. That will help you in getting 60-70 marks. However, if you are an excellent student and aim to get 90 or above then you must refer to some other books like RS Aggarwal, RD Sharma and CBSE sample papers, question banks to get solved examples of different questions. This will help you understand the concepts better, practice different types of problems and ultimately get you better marks.

    Q.2. Is NCERT sufficient for class 10 board?

    No, NCERT is not sufficient for class 10 boards as you will need some extra coverage for the boards and you may have to buy other books and reference books as well. These may include NCERT exemplar, CBSE sample papers for class 10th, CBSE question bank for class 10th, NCERT worksheets, NCERT study material, etc. However, you can also buy one good book each for every subject and solve it five times, rather than buying five different books and solving none.

    For all the subjects, like Hindi, English, Maths, Social Science, Science, etc it would be better if you could refer to just one book which is found to be 100 percent helpful in your boards and the name of the book is ARIHANT ALL IN ONE. This book is to be meant for covering all your subjects as mentioned above. It provides only the quality content that will help you.

    Q.3. Which book should I buy the NCERT or the NCERT help books for the 10th class CBSE boards?

    It should be understood that it is very important (essential) for a student to buy and carefully read all NCERT books. These are prescribed in your syllabus and are ardently followed by CBSE. Hence, there is no doubt that you will have to buy NCERT. For some subjects like Maths and Science, at times, NCERT may not be sufficient. In that case, your next step would be referring to NCERT help books, NCERT exemplar, and more.

    Now there are a number of books that are available for the students who are appearing for the Class 10th boards. The best book that the students can buy for preparing for the 10th class boards is the NCERT latest edition of The Referral Book for CBSE BOARD for Class 10th. This book is specially designed and edited for the students of Class 10th and will prove to be a book of great help to them.



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