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Class 10

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    Exam-preparations become easy if you start early and with the right resources. Oswaal Books always tries to make learning simple for students. To do just that for Class 10 students of Karnataka SSLC, we publish Oswaal Question Bank and Oswaal Sample Papers. The Question Banks are designed in a way that students can use them for regular revision of each topic. They are strictly based on the latest KSEEB syllabus. They include previous years’ papers, mind maps, revision notes, and various typologies of questions and much more for a holistic study all year round.

    Wondering how to access your preparations so far? The last and the most important step for 100% success in exams is to ensure that you solve sample papers. Oswaal Sample Papers include a total of 10 Sample Papers- 5 Solved and 5 unsolved. They are developed by Oswaal Editorial Board and cover all concepts. They include on tips notes and topper’s handwritten answer sheets to guide students at every step of their exam preparations. These sample papers are recommended by 2.8 lac teachers and 65 lac parents. So, buy them today from

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