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Class 11

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    Not many students worry about class 11 because they aren’t under any pressure to score good marks. But if studied well in class 11, students can build a solid foundation for not only their board class but also for various competitive exams.

    Wondering how to start preparing for this class?

    Well, the first and foremost things is to get familiar with the syllabus and arrange for all the required study resources. Oswaal Books publishes help book to supplement the need of utmost concept clarity at every step of your preparations.

    For regular revision and extensive practice of questions of different typologies, students must study from Oswaal ISC Question Bank for Class 11. It is strictly based on the latest CISCE Curriculum.

    Some of benefits of studying from this book are:

    1. Previous Years’ papers
    2. Revision notes for comprehensive study
    3. Mind maps; which are single page snapshot of the entire chapter

    In addition to regular revision and practice, it is also important to test oneself as to where they stand in terms of their preparations. To do this there is no better way than to solve sample papers. Oswaal ISC Sample Papers for class 11 are the best sample papers available in the market. The sample papers are designed as per latest syllabus. They include a total of 10 papers, mind maps, answering tips, commonly made and much more. You must not wait any further and buy them now from

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