Oswaal NCERT Teachers & Parents Manual Class 1 Mathematics Math Magic

Oswaal NCERT Teachers & Parents Manual Class 1 Mathematics Math Magic

Author: Oswaal Editorial Board

ISBN-13: 9789387504400
Edition: 01 Mar 2018

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Oswaal Teachers’ & Parents’ Manual Description


Children are naturally inquisitive and eager to explore and learn about the world around them. It is important for their guardians, both Parents and Teachers, to satisfy their queries, and that too, in such a way that the children are able to understand and comprehend the concepts as well as learn from them.

Also, there exists a gap in the level of information and knowledge provided to the children by the Parents vs. that provided by their Teachers. Discrepancies might also exist in the methodology(ies) through which the information and knowledge is relayed. This increases the possibility that the children might either not understand the concept clearly or become confused about the correct interpretation of the concepts.

With these objectives in mind, and to build connectivity between the teaching methodologies by Parents and Teachers, we at Oswaal Books, have come up with this Manual for Teachers and Parents. This Manual aims to aid the Teachers and Parents in simplifying the concepts studied by children as a part of their curriculum, so that they are better equipped to make the children understand the subjects, and also evaluate their measure of understanding and creativity.

              The Manual covers :

         1.    Exploratory Objectives

         2.    Learning and Understanding Aids

         3.    Lesson Plan for each Chapter

         4.    Effective Teaching Techniques

         5.    Propositions for Step-wise Learning and Building up of Concepts.

Understanding The Manual usage

This Manual is divided into three broad categories  :

  1.             Short description : It summarizes the contents and concepts of a given chapter.
  2.             Self-explanatory teaching and learning objectives providing explicit instructions to parents and teachers which include:
  •          Aim : The objectives they need to keep in mind while making children learn
  •          Teacher’s role : The concepts that need to be taught
  •          Learning Resources : The things that can be made use of to help children learn and understand
  •          Expected Outcome : Children’s accomplishments upon the completion of the topic
  •          Student Deliverables : Children’s activities through the process of learning
  •          Ask Students : The activities to interest the children and to instill their  imagination and creativity
  1.             Tabulated and categorized information to create and effectively execute the lesson plans

Understanding the Lesson Plan

  1.             Teacher’s Initiative : Tasks for teachers and parents to engage students (the 5 ’E’s; Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate).
  2.             Students’ Activities : Tasks for students towards learning and understanding the topics.
  3.             Assessment : Aides to evaluating the children’s responses and discerning their level of understanding and learning.

Understanding the learning plan

Relevant Features :

  1.             Aim of Study
  2.             Teacher’s Role
  3.             Learning Resources
  4.             Expected Outcome
  5.             Student Deliverables
  6.             Ask Students
  7.            Step-wise tasks for Teachers and Students


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