Oswaal ISC Question Bank Class 12 Economics Chapterwise & Topicwise (For March 2020 Exam)

Oswaal ISC Question Bank Class 12 Economics Chapterwise & Topicwise (For March 2020 Exam)

Author: Oswaal Editorial Board

ISBN-13: 9789389067064
Edition: 01 Mar 2019

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"The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination is committed to serving the nation’s children, through high quality educational endeavors, with a commitment to excellence. Oswaal Books shares the same vision and has thus prepared Oswaal Question Banks to provide the students with a logical and easy to use tool for learning. Self-study and traditional classroom learning complement one another. When used together, they help students learn and retain information better. We hope that this book will surely function as an excellent supplement to the existing course books and the students will be able to confidently confront the examinations. Based entirely on the latest ISC syllabus issued by CISCE for Academic Year 2019-2020, this book is a must have for being Exam ready. Questions incorporated in this book follow the pattern and Marking Guidelines of the Council to guide the candidates to answer with precision. This will aid students to get familiar with the examination techniques. This book contains the content as per the prescribed Syllabus and Pattern outlined by the Council and the topics have been covered elaborately and accordingly. It contains brief description of chapters and more than sufficient questions. The remarkable feature is the inclusion of Answering Tips and Examiner’s Comments at the end of every question, which will empower the students to comprehend their mistakes and rectify them. Key Benefits of using this book are- • Board Specimen Paper for 2020 Exam • Board Paper 2019 - Fully solved • Handwritten Toppers’ Answers • Board Examiners’ Comments&Board’s Answering Tips • Board’s Suggestions for Students • Topics found Difficult by the Candidates&Concepts in which the Candidates got confused • Oswaal Concept Videos for a digital learning experience "

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ISBN-10 9789389067064
Weight 353.6 gms
Pages 208
Available Paperback & ebook
Language English

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