Oswaal ICSE Worksheet Class 10 Physics (For March 2019 Exam)

Oswaal ICSE Worksheet Class 10 Physics (For March 2019 Exam)

Author: Oswaal Editorial Board

ISBN-13: 9789388036733
Edition: 01 Aug 2018

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The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination is committed to serving the nation’s children through high quality education endeavors. With this objective in mind, we at Oswaal Books, have tried to design Oswaal Pullout Worksheets which act as an ingenious tool in motivating the students to not only engage their brain in class but also to equip them with the latest study material for excellent exam practice.

Oswaal Pullout Worksheets aim at providing comprehensive practice material for every chapter to ensure that every concept is revised in totality. These are prepared by experienced teachers who have translated their expertise into making these worksheets a wholesome study package. Every worksheet contains a mix of questions, for which the maximum marks and time are mentioned to facilitate exam oriented preparation.

                Oswaal Pullout Worksheets strictly follow the ICSE Curriculum and include the following:

                •   Chapter-wise Pullout Worksheets with ample space for writing answers

                •   Previous Years’ Board Questions

                •   ’Answering Tips’ and ’Examiner Comments’.


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ISBN-10 9789388036733
Weight 400 gms
Pages 336
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Language English

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