Oswaal Gujarat GSEB NCERT Solutions (Textbook + Exemplar) Class 11 Biology Chapterwise & Topicwise (March 2020 Exam)

Oswaal Gujarat GSEB NCERT Solutions (Textbook + Exemplar) Class 11 Biology Chapterwise & Topicwise (March 2020 Exam)

Author: Oswaal Editorial Board

ISBN-13: 9789388036832
Edition: 01 Mar 2019

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GSEB Question Banks

 “The Objective of Education is to prepare the young to Educate themselves throughout their Lives”

This philosophy has always been followed by Gujarat Secondary Education Board (GSEB), whether through their education system framework or regular enhancement in curriculum. GSEB ensures better access, equality and quality in elementary education for school students. In order to achieve aforesaid objectives, Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks (GSSTB) has proposed a new syllabus for school textbooks, which will be aligned with NCERT.

We at Oswaal Books, welcome the above decision of GSEB and have ensured our offerings include updated content, aligned with the latest syllabus as directed by the Board. Oswaal Question Banks are designed as per the latest curriculum and emphasize on nurturing individuality thus enhancing one’s innate potentials which help in increasing the self-study mode for students. Features like Chapter wise and Topic wise presentation, Quick Review & Mind Maps strengthen knowledge and attitude related to the subject. Oswaal Question Banks are designed in such a way that students can set their own goals and can improve their problem solving and thinking skills. Practically, this book provides students everything they need to learn and excel.

        Some of the Key Highlights of Oswaal Question Banks are:

  •          Latest content - Strictly based on the latest GSEB Curriculum
  •          GSSTB (NCERT) Textbook Questions - Fully Solved
  •          Answers as per Educational Board Marking Scheme - helps students to self practice
  •          Quick Review – Chapter wise / Topic wise Introduction - enables quick revision
  •          Know the terms / facts / formulae / links - aids in-depth study and better understanding of the concepts
  •          Mind Maps - For Improved Learning and Clearer Thinking


                At last we would like to thank our authors, editors, reviewers and specially students who regularly send us suggestions which helps in continuous improvement of this book and makes this book stand in the category as “One of the Best”. We are sure this will make your learning simple. Wish you all Happy Learning!!

– Team Oswaal

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ISBN-10 9789388036832
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