Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Paper Class 11 Political Science (For March 2019 Exam)

Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Paper Class 11 Political Science (For March 2019 Exam)

Author: Oswaal Editorial Board

ISBN-13: 9789388301251
Edition: 01 Sep 2018

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Preparing for any Examination calls for a lot of discipline and perseverance on the part of a student. We at Oswaal Books have always strived to be a student’s closest companion, his guiding light and his trusted friend by helping him sail through this important phase with utmost ease and confidence and emerge a winner!!

In order to excel, a student not only has to be updated with the latest Board curriculum but also stay focused and use necessary exam tools to his advantage.  On 15th March 2018, CBSE released an updated curriculum for Academic Year 2018-2019 on which Oswaal Books has based all its Exam Preparatory Material.

Oswaal Books has always been proactive to follow the changes proposed by the Board and implement the same as soon as possible to put the students, parents and teachers at ease. The Oswaal Sample Question Papers have been developed as per the latest Board guidelines in order to support the students during the crucial exam preparatory phase. They provide the most formidable combination of Questions along with top notch Learning Tools to empower the students to conquer every examination they face.

Each Sample Question Paper has been designed with a lot of care and precision.  Our panel of experts have tried their best to arrange each Sample Question Paper in such a way that it gives the students an exact feel of the Final Examination. Special care has been taken to keep all the solutions simple and precise. 5 Sample Paper are solved in this book itself, while for the solutions of the other 5, you can visit www.oswaalbooks.com and download the solutions at any time. (Refer to the QR code).

Some of the key highlights of Oswaal Sample Papers are:

  •          Ten Sample Question Papers covering important concepts from an examination perspective (1-5 solved and 6-10 for Self-Assessment*)
  •          All Typologies of Questions specified by CBSE included for examination success
  •          Answers strictly follows latest  CBSE Marking Scheme
  •          On Tips Notes for crisp revision
  •           ‘Mind Maps’ for improved learning
  •          Oswaal Grammar Charts to facilitate effective concept clarification (Only in English SQPs)

We hope Oswaal Sample Papers empower each and every student to excel, now and always!!



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ISBN-10 9789388301251
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Pages 250
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Language English

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