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Oswaal Books has always been at the forefront to follow any change in the education sector, so as to provide the most updated and simple content. Students are at the heart of whatever we do at Oswaal Books. We publish help books for all the leading boards like CBSE, ICSE and many state boards. Our range of products are second to none, and include Question Bank, worksheets, lab manuals, sample papers and much more. We aim to provide the most relevant content, to help students in a methodical study throughout the year. Apart from the help books, students can also find concepts videos, periodic test, revision notes, and mind maps on our website for absolutely free.

Q.1. What is the NCERT book?

The NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) recognises the CBSE syllabus which implies that NCERT book is the primary coursebook prescribed for CBSE students. These books are prescribed for classes 1 to 12. Not only the CBSE but other boards have started following the NCERT books for their syllabus. some of the strong features of an NCERT Book are:

  1. NCERT books are written by experts who perform extensive research before providing any information. thereby, the book contains deep insights into each and every topic that is essential for a student

  2. These books focus on basics and fundamentals on every topic for the students in order to clear the concepts. NCERT books are very important for the preparation of any competitive exam like JEE-Main. These books explain all the basic as well as complex topics in a simplified manner to avoid any confusion

  3. The language used in NCERT books is very easy and simple so that the students don’t get confused about any topic.

Q.2. What is NCERT exemplar?

The NCERT Exemplar is, actually, a resource book containing extra questions which are not just different but also slightly more complex than the ones given in NCERT books. basically, the idea of providing an exemplar to the students is to train them profoundly not just with simple questions but without box skill-based questions as well. NCERT exemplars include high-level questions, MCQs and short answers etc. through which the students can benefit greatly, by understanding advanced level topics and additional syllabus related questions. 

The NCERT Exemplar consists of the problems and questions for the classes from 6 to 12 and is very helpful for cracking the CBSE board examinations. These questions are more concept-based and require a better understanding of every topic.

Q.3. NCERT Exemplar Problems important for CBSE boards?

Some people say that working on NCERT books is enough to get good scores in board exams and some will say it is very important to refer to other study material and sample papers. There have been cases in the last few years that CBSE gave some concept based questions in board exams which were mostly from the NCERT exemplar. As far as the importance of NCERT exemplar problems is concerned, let’s understand it subject wise-

What if you get a question paper in which the questions are slightly twisted? Now that is where Exemplar comes in. The NCERT Exemplar is a fantastic book for concept building, especially for the board examinations.

In the last few years, the CBSE board has totally changed the approach of the question paper for class 12. Now the question paper includes 4 to 5 questions that require high order thinking skills. And for that, you need to focus and understand each and every concept minutely.

For concept based subjects like Chemistry and Physics, you should study NCERT Exemplar. In Chemistry, most of the portion in the paper is organic chemistry and the related reaction. So, you need to practice it as it is the only way to master it. And NCERT Exemplar has a question bank that can help you profoundly for that.

Similarly, in Physics there are the 1 mark and the 3 mark questions that are made for the fundamental student and Exemplar books are those that can get you near to that as the way you want.

As for mathematics, you will hear the voices of lengthy papers. But, NCERT Exemplar is the one that will tell you to go for it. It is all about studying all the concepts and understanding even the most complex topics to make the best out of it. 

Q.4. Is studying from NCERT for boards enough?

Not exactly! Of course CBSE paper is mostly from the NCERT books. However, several times they tend to mix some concepts, use trick questions and twist some problems which might confuse the students. Thereby, for theory part, NCERT is definitely enough but as for the concept based questions and problems are concerned, especially for Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Accounts, NCERT book is not enough. There are several CBSE sample papers, CBSE question banks, reference books available for each and every subject, you can explore or consult your teacher and refer to some books apart from NCERT. 

By referring to other books and sample papers, you will be exposed to different problems and solved questions. Ultimately, you will get used to twisted questions and this will also train you for boards. So, is it highly suggested that one must refer to good sample papers and question banks besides NCERT for CBSE exam preparations.

Q.5. Is it important to prefer any help book? Can’t we score 95% and more just by having thorough NCERT knowledge?

NCERT books are sufficient for understanding concepts in a simple language and are very understandable. It has been noticed that in the past the CBSE or other boards have a question paper based on the NCERT books. And once you have thoroughly studied the NCERT books then it is not difficult to crack the board exams. You may consider the NCERT book as a Bible for the class 10 boards and also for the higher boards. 

However, there is no harm in referring to help books for better understanding. Especially for subjects like Maths and Science, you have to be ready for any type of question. And how will you attain that excellence? By exposing yourself to thorough practice and revision. There are NCERT help books, NCERT exemplars, CBSE sample papers, CBSE question banks which are designed to show the students what type of questions have been asked in previous year papers. You do not have to burden yourself, if you think your concepts are perfectly clear, you can skip other books and simply solve some sample papers for practice point of view. 

Q.6. Are the NCERT books helpful for the ICSE board?

As the CBSE board is more concise than the ICSE board, the books from the latter give more in-depth knowledge than the books from the former. CBSE follows NCERT books which focus on explaining every concept in a very easy way. NCERT books are specially designed for students who want to follow a more competitive approach. So, NCERT books can be helpful for the ICSE board too but only for concept-based subjects like Maths, Science, etc. 

As far as language subjects like English or even Business studies are concerned, you can stick to ICSE books. Here every topic is discussed profoundly keeping in mind the language and structure of answers, as compared to the NCERT books. So it is clear that if you want to do good in the ICSE boards then you can refer to NCERT books for some subjects. 

Moreover, in case you are aiming for entrance exams then we would suggest you to definitely consult NCERT books as the questions asked in entrance exams are more inclined to NCERT syllabus.

Q.7. Are NCERT books enough for the JEE Main?

Majorly, Yes; but not entirely. For every Science student, JEE MAINS is the most important exam to get admission in the preferred course or university. In such a crucial point, you would not prefer restricting yourself from practising better for the exams and at the same time, you would not want to over-burden yourself. So, going back to your question, NCERT is extremely important in JEE Mains and you will have to first complete all your NCERT concepts, questions, NCERT exemplar and then move on to some other author’s book for practice. 

Especially for Physics and Maths, it is extremely important to study from JEE based books, sample papers and question banks. Your first objective should be clearing every concept in your mind and then being familiar to every other question type asked in previous year papers. For that, you can refer to different sample papers. Keep in mind that it is better to buy one good book than buying five books as you would not want to over-burden yourself.

Q.8. What are the NCERT books to be read for the UPSC?

There are a number of books published by the NCERT for the cracking of the UPSC exams. Here are a few of the books that are highly recommended:

History: NCERT Class VI/VII/VIII/IX-India And The Contemporary World I/II

History: NCERT Class X/XII/XII/XII – Themes In Indian History-I/II/III

NCERT books about the Indian society for UPSC exam:

Indian Society: NCERT VI – Social Science: Social and Political Life (for classes VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII)

Also books on Sociology, Indian Society, Social change and Developments in India.

There are a number of books available on different subjects that the NCERT has published. These topics include – the Earth habitat, our environment, resource and development, contemporary India, physical geography, human geography, people and economy, etc are a few to know. You can refer these for your UPSC preparations. 









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