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Karnataka SSLC Books

Karnataka SSLC Books by Oswaal Books

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination board popularly known as KSEEB conducts SSLC or Karnataka Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination annually in the month of March. This certification is provided to those who clear the secondary level, i.e: class 10th exam.
Oswaal books comprehend how important the 10th and 12th examinations are for every student and makes certain that they provide material that is appropriate and relevant to their current syllabus and curriculum. Students are the centre of everything generated and our help books vary on the basis of boards you choose to enroll in as we publish help books for all the leading boards including Karnataka SSLC, Karnataka PUC, CBSE, and more.
Our books are known for the incomparable quality of content that we offer which includes Question Bank, worksheets, lab manuals, sample papers, and much more. We aim to provide the students with standard language, up to date and extensive study material which actually helps them to score well.
The education board of India believes in changing according to the global trends of education and regular improvement process. This implies that the board keeps track of a continuously evolving curriculum. Based on this, our panel of experts develops the latest edition of material. 

Q.1: What is SSLC exam in Karnataka?

SSLC stands for Secondary School Leaving Certificate and this certification is provided to the students after the successful completion of 10th public examination which is commonly known as "Class 10th board exams".

The SSLC exam in Karnataka is a common eligibility examination which is obtained at the end of the term study of secondary school. This certificate is also referred to as the Common Eligibility Exam in Karnataka.


Q.2: What are the passing marks in SSLC Karnataka?

In order to pass under SSLC Karnataka board, students have to score 40 out of 150 marks in theory and 30 out of 50 in their practical exams. The passing percentage for Karnataka SSLC exams is 35%.


Q.3: How do I score above a 620 in the Karnataka SSLC board exam?

Scoring 620 in Karnataka SSLC exam is difficult but not impossible if you diligently follow the pointers given below:-

  • Studying through textbooks is a must. Make sure you are practicing NCERT before any other reference books.

  • Understand basic concepts. Working towards clarity of concepts is essential as it is difficult to memorize everything. With concept clarity, you will be able to cover a large chunk of the syllabus effectively.

  • You have to study consistently throughout the year in order to score high in your SSLC examination. Incessantly working hard is essential.

  • Make notes while studying. Making precise notes will help you in revision when exams are about to begin.

  • It is important to study smart. Make sure you are considering Karnataka SSLC question banks and question papers. This will help you understand the pattern of the paper.

  • Learn your formulas by heart.

  • Work towards English grammar and spellings in order to avoid any kind of mistakes while writing the paper.

Q.4: Where can we get Karnataka SSLC question papers?

Preparing for Karnataka's SSLC exam can be a little difficult if not done smartly. Referring to various Karnataka SSLC sample question papers might help you in scoring high as these Karnataka SSLC question banks give you an idea about the pattern of exam and type of questions that can come up. You can find Karnataka SSLC sample question papers on the state board's official website which goes by the name


Q.5: How do Karnataka SSLC toppers score 100 per cent?

Getting 100% in Karnataka SSLC is quite a task but is not at all impossible. We are going to provide you with some tips to score 100% in your Karnataka SSLC exam. These are the tips that all the toppers swear by.

  • To begin with, we cannot stress enough on self-study. Even if you go to coaching, you must study on your own.

  • You should know your syllabus properly along with the weightage of every chapter. It will make it easier for you to create a plan.

  • Working hard, incessantly is very important and cannot be avoided. Diligent study on a daily basis is a must.

  • Solid study plan to proceed is very important. 

  • Work towards clarity of concepts. Once you have understood the concept, try writing it in your language.

  • It would be better to start off with some difficult topics and make notes. Making notes will help you at the time of examination.

  • According to some toppers, it is important to thoroughly study your textbooks before any other reference books. Most of the questions are from your textbooks.

  • Make a point to revise everything you have studied that day, once before sleeping. This needs to be followed every day.

  • Studying 4-5 hours every day at the time of examination is a must.

  • Once you are done with the syllabus, you can consider solving Karnataka SSLC sample question papers and question banks. This proves to be beneficial as these Karnataka SSLC question banks from previous year helps in the smart study. These SSLC sample question papers give an idea of exam pattern and repeated questions.

Q.6: Is the Karnataka SSLC Question Bank Class 10 Kannada medium helpful?

Yes!! The Karnataka SSLC question bank class 10 Kannada medium is very helpful. It has been updated according to the latest curriculum. The latest syllabus is provided by Karnataka Board itself. This Kannada medium includes all the topics and everything is properly segregated. The printing quality is good and it has no typing errors. The content is of top quality and this Karnataka SSLC reference bool even has QR code which can be scanned to have videos and notes for the purpose of easy revision. This book also offers a variety of questions that are helpful once you are done with your syllabus.


Q.7: Which are the best books for subjects in the SSLC Karnataka

For the students who are preparing to give SSLC Karnataka, you should stick to your NCERT textbooks instead of investing your time on any other reference book. Once you are thorough and done with your syllabus you can refer to Karnataka SSLC reference book published by Oswal. They have a variety of questions along with Karnataka SSLC question banks put together using previous year papers.


Q.8: What is an easy way to pass the SSLC Karnataka?

To pass SSLC Karnataka a student needs to score at least 40 out of 150 marks in their theory and 30 out of 50 marks in their practical exams.

  • Solve and refer to a lot of practice papers. These practice papers will help you and give you an idea about the paper pattern. These papers also help in understanding the difficulty level and marking scheme. It also will amplify your speed to attempt each question in an exam.

  • Stick to your textbooks authorized by the board. Do not avoid your textbooks and try to solve as many solved examples as possible.

  • Referring to previous year papers is a must. Solve the past 10 years of papers to have an idea about the pattern. Make sure you solve those questions which have been frequently asked in the previous years. This will be less time-consuming.

Q.9: How can I get a good score in the SSLC Karnataka exam?

This is a crucial time for those who are preparing for the SSLC Karnataka exam as the result will decide the type of stream you will be choosing in future. Scoring good in SSLC Karnataka exam is not very difficult if you work towards your target diligently and in a disciplined manner. We are providing you with some pointers:

  • Preparing smartly is the need of the hour.  Cramming various study materials won’t help. Instead, first, you need to have clarity about your syllabus. Laying down your whole syllabus will help you to understand the important topics. You must only dedicate your time to those. Go for the preparation of difficult subjects first.

  • Preparing through your textbooks is the right decision to make. But once you are done, make sure you are referring to at least one SSLC Karnataka help book. You can consider Oswal’s SSLC Karnataka reference book. This book covers all the syllabus and also has Karnataka SSLC question banks for better preparation.

  • Going through previous years papers is a must. Mark out the questions which have been frequently repeated and prepare them by heart. There are chances that they may come up again.

Q.10: Which syllabus is better, ICSE or SSLC Karnataka board?

There are a lot of differences between ICSE and SSLC Karnataka board. One needs to make a choice based on what you actually envision for your child. For that, you need to analyse their strengths and accordingly select the right board for them. 

  • SSLC Karnataka has tougher Maths in comparison to ICSE, but ICSE provides a deeper understanding of all the other subjects. .Karnataka  State board majorly stresses on Maths and science but ICSE gives equal weightage to all the subjects. 

  • The state board syllabus is easier in comparison to ICSE and these students might have to put an extra effort during competitive exams. ICSE syllabus is vast and needs to be remembered. It is easier to score in the state board, whereas ICSE students can perform really well in the long run. ICSE focuses more on practical knowledge and analytical skills.

  • ICSE board although is not recognised by the Indian government, however, it is globally accepted. 

Q.11: In SSLC Karnataka state board, how is the percentage reduced, as per how many marks will we lose, one percent?

In SSLC Karnataka, the written paper is of 80 marks and internal paper is of 20 marks. Now, as for your question which is how many marks will make you lose 1%, let’s take an example to understand this better-

It is understood that in a 100 marks paper, 1 mark=1%. But, in your case, 1 mark means 1/80 which is equal to 0.0125% i.e. 1.25%. And, (1/100)*80= 0.8. Hence, 0.8 marks will reduce your percentage by 1% in SSLC Karnataka state board. 


Q.12: What is the procedure to change my name in the SSLC and PUC boards of Karnataka?

There is a specific procedure that has been laid down to get your name changed in the SSLC and PUC boards of Karnataka. You have to forward an application to the board and submit it to the headmaster or the principal of the school or the institute of origin and post that, he will formally forward the application to the respective board. The simple procedure to get your name changed is given below.

  • Explain to the Headmaster regarding the problem and the error of name in your documents.

  • Post that, he will give you a form/application wherein you can submit the request for the change of name.

  • The application should be accompanied by various documents that were submitted at the time of admission in the school including the admission form filled during your admission, School leaving certificate and other relevant documents with your correct name and other details.

  • Then the board will forward this application through the principal or the headmaster. After your documents are found valid and verified, your name will be changed accordingly.

Q.13: Can I use gel pens in the SSLC board exam in Karnataka?

Yes, you can write using gel pens in your exam. However, at times, the quality of paper of the answer sheets is not good and it is rough, which might absorb the ink or it might tend to blot the ink if written with a gel/ink pen. If the sheet is rough then you might not be able to write smoothly.

It is always better to write your answers with a pen that enables you to write your answers smoothly on any given quality of the paper sheet. You can have a trial in your newspaper or any other sheet.


Q.14: Which is the best reference book for the SSLC board in Karnataka?

It is always better to first attempt your course books or textbooks after which you can refer to some Karnataka SSLC Question banks and Karnataka SSLC Sample Question Papers available in the market. Out of the best lot, here are some of the Karnataka SSLC help books which you can refer to:

  1. Oswaal Karnataka SSLC Sample Question Papers (old edition) for Mathematics and Science

  2. Shyamraj Karnataka SSLC Board PUC-1 Hindi Guide and Question Bank

  3. Karnataka Board Common Entrance Test (KCET) for Physics by Dinesh

  4. Oswaal Karnataka SSLC Sample Question Bank for Maths, Science and Social Science- Chapterwise and Topic Wise Solutions 

Q.15: What is the best option to choose after completing SSLC in Karnataka?

The very first question that comes in the mind of a student after SSLC is “now what?”, as they experience a crossroad in their life for the first time. Which is quite an obvious question. Nonetheless, students must realise that no course would benefit you if you are not interested in the same. So, clear your mind and explore varied courses to see and ensure which course or stream or field would you like to go for?

Here is a blueprint of what steps you should take next:

  1. Explore your interests and field of excellence: Some students are good in science some are not, some are good in commerce while others are not. so, what is your field of excellence? Make a list of the subjects that you like. After that, you can move on to think of a particular field.

  2. Changing your board for better opportunities: Since SSLC is not available after class 20th in Karnataka, you can change to central boards such as CBSE or ICSE. Studies have shown that students from the central board are more open to better opportunities as compared to students from the state board. 

  3. Take help from a professional career counsellor: This is one of the most important decisions in your career. So, you must take help from a professional career counsellor who can expose you to better options, etc.

Some options available for you:

Pursue a PUC (Pre-university course)

  1. There are three streams- Science, Commerce and Arts

    1. Science stream students can go for PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology), PCMC (PCM and Computer Science), or PCME (PCM and Electronics)

    2. Commerce students can pursue their career in economics, accounting, business studies, and more.

    3. Arts students can go for journalism, content writing, mass communication, etc.

  2. Diploma Courses

    1. Diplomas in Engineering (Mechanical, electrical, civil, etc.)

    2. Diplomas in Pharmacy, Poultry, Music, Dance and many more.

Q.16: Which are the scholarships available for the SSLC students in Karnataka?

The scholarships for SSLC pass students depend on many aspects. It can be a private or a state government or a central government or any other scholarship. All you have to do is find the eligibility of getting the scholarship and apply for it. Below is a list of scholarships in Karnataka for the students who have cleared the SSLC board examination:

  • Prathibha Puraskar Scholarship Registration For SSLC & PUC

  • SSLC Prize Money For SC/ST Students

  • International Mathematics Olympiad

  • International General Knowledge Olympiad

  • NSDL Shiksha Sahayog Scholarship for 10th students

  • Aryabhatta National Maths Competition

  • Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship

  • Jio Scholarship

  • GSB Scholarship

  • Karnataka Government Scholarship

  • All India Meritorious Scholarship

  • Sterling and Wilson Solar Scholarship

  • Vidyadhan Scholarship

  • Incentives for SSLC and 2nd PUC Students

  • Indian Oil Academic Scholarship

  • Swami Vivekanand Utkrisht Chattervritti Yojana

Some scholarships available for all Karnataka students are:

  • SC/ST Post Matric Scholarship

  • Post Matric/ Vidyasiri Meals & Accommodation/ Nursing/ Fee Exemption Scholarship

  • National Overseas Scholarship

  • Pre-Matric Scholarship For ST Students

  • Sanchi Honnamma & Sir C.V. Raman Student Scholarship

  • Post Matric SWD Hostel Registration

  • SSLC Prize Money For SC/ST Students

  • BCWD PhD Scholarship/Fellowship

  • Prathibha Puraskar Scholarship Registration For SSLC & PUC

  • Rajiv Gandhi Loan Scholarship Scheme


Q.16: Which are the best books of question banks for the class 10 state board (Karnataka)?

There are a number of Karnataka SSLC help books that are available for the students of 10th class. But the most helpful and useful of the collection of books available in the market are given below for your reference. These books can be availed from all major bookstores in your nearby market or can even be bought online from the e-stores. You can also get these books from a second-hand books store or some senior students or reference.

  • Oswaal Karnataka SSLC Sample Question Papers for Class 10 Science (Old Edition).

  • Oswaal Karnataka SSLC Sample Question Papers for Class 10 Mathematics (Old Edition).

  • Shyamraj Karnataka SSLC help book, PUC-1 Study Guide and Question Bank for Hindi

  • Dinesh Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET)- PHYSICS.

  • Oswaal Karnataka SSLC Question Bank Class 10 Maths Chapter Wise and Topic wise with Solution.

  • Oswaal Karnataka SSLC Question Bank Class 10 Science Chapter Wise and Topic wise with Solution (Old Edition).

  • Oswaal Karnataka SSLC Question Bank Class 10 Social Science Chapter wise.








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