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Parents Guide To Summer Safety Tips For Kids

8-Jun-2017 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Here are a few summer ready tips and tricks for you to keep your kids safe and sound.

Good Parenting Tips : Why Not To Worry About Your Kid Being An A-Grade Student?

25-May-2017 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

It is not good to intimidate the child so much that they live under the constant fear of being average. Parents and teachers must learn that even average kids can do really well in life.

Why Students shouldn’t worry, if they don’t score high grades ?

20-May-2017 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Students end up taking extreme steps if the results are not up to the mark. This act has increased over a period of time. This is why; it is essential that teachers and parents do not let their children stress over results to a point.

All you need to know about the term ‘Practical Learning’

17-May-2017 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

’’Practical learning’’ basically be defined as learning with the use of practical objects in front of the students.

Homework: To give or not to give ?

11-May-2017 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Some think that it is necessary for students to get homework from school so that they can revise the course; the others believe that homework takes a toll on children.

5 Best Ways To Make The Summer Vacation Useful

4-May-2017 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

While education helps in building the knowledge of students, extra curricular activities help in shaping the personality of the child. The best time to utilize in extra curricular is summer vacations.

8 Books That Every Student Must Read Atleast Once In A Lifetime

24-Apr-2017 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Reading has wondrous benefits for students as well as adults. It opens up our minds to such broader perspectives in life that were not known to us before. Even though there is no limit to reading, there are some books highly recommended for students.

10 Tips To Tune Out Distractions

18-Apr-2017 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

We live in the world where distractions come easy to everyone. There is so much happening around us that we need to be a part of that we get distracted easily for the fear of missing out something interesting.

Here Is How Reading Benefits Us All

12-Apr-2017 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Book readers and hard copies are a dying breed today. There has been a paradigm shift from actual book reading to reading on gadgets. Even when it is a dying hobby, reading is said to have a lot of benefits for every individual especially at a stage

5 Good Habits That Students should Inculcate for Succeeding in Life

5-Apr-2017 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Parents and teachers need to address a lot of other parts that help in bringing up the children with good personalities. Inculcating good habits is one such thing that needs to be taken care of from a very early stage in children.