Why It’s Easier to Score More With Oswaal Books Than You Might Think
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Why It’s Easier to Score More With Oswaal Books Than You Might Think

21 November 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Why It’s Easier to Score More With Oswaal Books Than You Might Think

As you move on to higher classes, academic excellence begins to gain more prominence. It is important that your academic concepts are strong and clear so that you can score well in every exam. Oswaal Books can give you all-around assistance to score better. Oswaal Books has decades of experience in publishing books for CBSE, ICSE, ISC, Karnataka and Kerala Boards. It works in association with authorities of different exam boards and 50,000 schools to design suitable reference content for students.

Here is how Oswaal Books can help you to fetch more marks.

1. Variety of Resources

Oswaal Books has a number of useful resources that you can refer as per your study pattern and needs:

  1. Chapter and topic-wise introduction
  2. On-tips notes
  3. Mind maps and flowcharts for visual memory
  4. Different question patterns – MCQs, HOTS, VSA, Value-based and short/long/very long
  5. Solved papers with prescribed marking scheme
  6. Toppers answers
  7. Board exam questions of previous years from different boards
  1. Chapter and topic-wise practice papers
  2. Maximum time and maximum marks with each practice paper
  3. Free solutions on the website of Oswaal Books
  1. A set of 10 model test papers
  2. Based on the latest CBSE syllabus of the ongoing academic year
  3. Five solved papers with prescribed marking scheme and word limit
  4. Toppers’ handwritten answers
  5. Solutions available on the website of Oswaal Books
  1. Chapter and topic-wise questions
  2. Previous year question papers
  3. Handwritten answers of toppers

2. Systematic Study Help Throughout the Year

Oswaal Books has designed its resources in a way that students can refer them methodically throughout the year. Question Banks can be used from April to December, Pullout Worksheets from July-January, Sample Question Papers from November to February and Unsolved Papers from August to November.

3. Books Available for All Subjects

Oswaal Books publishes reference books across all subjects such as English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Hindi, and Sanskrit. You get help for all subjects under one roof.

4. Practical Tips

Student life can be stressful. You need emotional support to beat the stress. Oswaal Books publishes various useful tips on what routine you should follow during the exams, how to fare better in difficult subjects like Math, how to motivate yourself to study better, how parents can help you, etc. You can read these tips on the blog page of Oswaal Books.

Oswaal Books holds your hand at every step of your educational journey until the Board Exams. All you have to do now is to give your hundred percent effort to get your dream report card.

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