Why is Cheating Not Good for Any Student? Know the Reasons
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Why is Cheating Not Good for Any Student? Know the Reasons

25 November 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Why is Cheating Not Good for Any Student? Know the Reasons

The pressure to secure good grades is always there on any student. But, sometimes you do get poor grades when you commit mistakes in the paper. There are also students who manage to cheat their way to the exams to score better marks than they actually deserve. In both cases, it is natural to feel disappointed, especially if you have worked hard. However, does that mean you should start cheating?

The answer is a clear-cut no. Here are eight reasons why you should refrain from cheating:

You May Get Caught - There is a high probability that you might get caught cheating by the instructor in the exam hall. You may escape one or two times, but not every time! Imagine how embarrassed you will feel in front of the class and also, parents when they are informed about it.

Cheating is Lying - Lying is dishonesty and so is cheating. When you copy someone’s work – online or offline, whether, during the exams or any class assignment, you are being untruthful. It is akin to stealing. You don’ want to be called dishonest or a liar, right?

Cheating is Lack of Confidence - When you copy, it indicates that you don’t have faith in your abilities. You don’t have enough confidence to be true to yourself and write the answers on your own. It gives an impression to your friends that you don’t have it in you to make things work.

You Will Not Learn - The very purpose of exams or any assignment is to test your learning ability. The teachers need to know whether you have grasped the concepts thoroughly or need further revision. When you copy, it means that you don’t know or remember what you have learned. Even if you manage to get good marks after cheating, does it really help you? You still wouldn’t know the answers and it will be difficult for you to go to the next chapter or level of learning.

You are Betraying Trust - Your parents love you and send you to school so that you can become a better and successful human being. Your teacher also wishes the best in life for you. When you cheat, you are betraying their trust in your abilities. If they find out, it will be difficult to gain their trust again.

Cheating is Unfair - There are so many students who have worked hard day and night to appear for exams in the hope to get good marks. Some of them even come from humble backgrounds. They consider education as the stepping stone to their career and a good life. It is not unfair to them that other students cheat in exams.

Cheating Affects Your Health - When you cheat, you know it in your heart even if someone doesn’t. You feel guilty because you know you have done the wrong thing. You are worried that someone will find out. The continuous stress affects your health.

Cheating Becomes a Habit - After cheating once or twice and getting lucky with not being caught, you start thinking it is cool and the right thing to do. It becomes a habit even after you leave school. You will continue cheating in colleges and at work by finding shortcuts to everything. At some point in time, cheating definitely harms your reputation.

Cheating has never been considered a worthy quality. It may make you happy for a few moments, but in the long run, it can adversely impact your character. So, refrain from cheating in any form. There is no alternative to hard work!

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