Which Sample Papers are best for CBSE Class 12?
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Which Sample Papers are best for CBSE Class 12?

8 January 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Which Sample Papers are best for CBSE Class 12?

A CBSE sample paper is an underrated study material that is often taken for granted. To your surprise, toppers and aspirants prefer CBSE Sample Papers as their ideal resource. Substantially, many teachers are suggesting to make effective use of the sample papers in the first place.

However, getting all the sample papers with appropriate solutions is difficult. Many Publishers have only the question paper, which doesn’t have the standard details needed to be present in it.

If you want to find a perfect sample paper, we have listed the factors for you to verify and buy.

Factors to be considered before buying CBSE class 12 sample papers | CBSE Books Class 12 to save your time and money, here are the conditions that MUST be present in the sample paper:

 • Detailed analysis of the syllabus

Every sample paper’s primary purpose is to explain the syllabus at its best. As the textbooks have only the list of chapters present in the contents, students look for a better explanation on the syllabus. Precisely, the blueprint idealizes the study plan. Blueprint gives you insights on the learning objective and weightage of each topic. You can create a study plan if you have a thorough perspective from the syllabus. For instance, alternating by learning a challenging topic with an easy topic works for many students to stay active for a long time. So, start looking for sample papers with the blueprint in the first place.


• Solutions for all the CBSE Sample Papers

Another MUST criterion for a sample paper is the answers to all the questions. Every year CBSE board releases sample papers for every subject: to understand the question pattern and (or) syllabus updates. Unfortunately, many websites have only the questions, which makes students get answers from the textbooks. It leads to the side by side, referring answers, which is time-consuming and tedious. Accordingly, a sample paper with answers is handy to revise and easy to access. Therefore, look for Oswaal Books’ CBSE class 12 sample papers, released after revision as per the latest reduction in the syllabus directed by CBSE.


• Marking scheme for different question types

The marking scheme may seem technical; however, every student needs to know how to write answers to score full marks. A marking scheme is a detailed report on critical points included and their respective mark split up. For example, a five mark question- Explain in detail about industrial manufacture of Sulphuric acid will have a mark split up for the diagram (2 marks) and key points (3 marks). Consequently, a sample paper should give you the information on what marks are allotted to include them in their answers.


• Cost of the CBSE Sample Papers

Like any study material, affordability is vital so that everyone can afford it. Besides, quality is the most crucial factor that is looked for. Many students do not likely purchase quality study material at an expensive cost. Look for sample paper at affordable rates but never compromise on the factors mentioned above.

Which is the best CBSE Sample Paper available for class 12?


The sample paper which satisfies all these conditions is the Oswaal CBSE class 12 sample papers. Oswaal Books’ CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 | CBSE Books Class 12 for 2020-21 are released after revision as per the latest reduction in the syllabus directed by CBSE. There are 10 question papers in one Sample Paper book from which 5 are solved and 5 unsolved papers meant for self-assessment. Each question paper comes with proper hints to provide the students with exam-targeted study material. 

Besides, it has other additional features, and they include

• Read a few pages for FREE before purchasing.

• Assessment test papers to facilitate practicing

• Subject Experts’ tips and tricks to score maximum marks.

• Commonly made mistakes & the ways to rectify them.

• Topic-wise and chapter wise approach to devise a study plan.


In the last few months of preparation for CBSE Board Exams 2021, students are supposed to practice solving CBSE sample papers & previous years’ question papers to understand the paper writing and pattern. However, it is equally important to keep revising the syllabus and important areas of the curriculum. After CBSE reduced the syllabus of class 10th and 12th by 30%, speculations are constantly made about the difficulty level of the CBSE examination 2021. The only thing that a should keep in mind is that he/she needs to actively prepare for the best. Good scores can only be achieved by understanding the subjects thoroughly.


Oswaal Books - 35 years old trusted brand. No.1 choice for 2.8 crore students in India. Highly recommended by 2.8 Lac teachers in India. Leading publisher for CBSE Sample Paper Class 12  | CBSE Question Bank Class 12 | 5 Years CBSE Class 12 Previous Solved PapersCBSE Handbook  & NEET Question Banks. Highly rated by toppers for CBSE Books Class 12.  Best books to increase your marks by up to 30%.  Highly recommended to prepare exclusively for Engg. & Medical Entrance Exams like IIT, AIEE, UPSEE & NEET.

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