Which Sample Paper is best for ISC Board Class 12?
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Which Sample Paper is best for ISC Board Class 12?

3 December 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Which Sample Paper is best for ISC Board Class 12?

You might be surprised that sample papers are the most used study material by toppers and aspirants. What? Yes, you heard it right. Since sample papers provide additional information on the subject and have test papers to practice, it is increasingly used to say previous year’s top rank achievers. With the challenging syllabus on the ISC board, teachers advise students to practice question papers to adapt to the application-oriented questions. Substantially, it even helps you to appear for competitive exams confidently.

This article will make you understand the extensive information on the benefits of sample papers, ways to use them, and pick the ideal ISC class 11 and class 12 sample papers with our guidelines.


Benefits of using a Sample paper for ISC Board class 12

There are numerous benefits of sample question paper, and some of them are

  • Assess your knowledge level without continual practice. 
  • Adaptability to essential questions through sheer trial and revision.
  • Strategize your customized study plan based on your strengths and weakness with sample paper assessment tests.
  • Revise the known topics and learn from your mistakes.
  • Understands the perfect way to answer each question based on the marking scheme.


How to use an ISC board class 11 and class 12 sample paper?

  • Apprehend the syllabus

Generally, students ignore to understand the syllabus and directly jumps into the exam preparation. This mistake is reflected in their mistakes. An ideal sample paper has a blueprint with high and low weightage for each chapter and topic so that you can easily prioritize the learning process. Oswaal ISC class 11 and class 12 sample papers have better-understood students’ pain points and updated their books according to the reduced syllabus recommended by the ISC board.


  • The SECRET behind “marks allocation”

A significant secret behind scoring more marks is the marking scheme. How does that help? Well, it provides information from an evaluators’ perspective on what he looks on every answer. The breakdown of solutions into key points and drawings (if required) shows you the roadmap to writing a perfect answer. Only a sample paper has this detail, which you can’t find anywhere.


  • Revise, practice and repeat

Have you ever wondered why teachers provide you multiple tests? The answer is to test your understanding level and memorizing capacity. Similarly, a sample paper helps you revise the learned concepts through sheer practice. You need to take revision and test seriously to score your target score in the board examination. For which, sample papers help you with its medium to hard level questions, which you can adapt to once you are thorough with the concepts. Evaluating your answers with the answers in sample papers assist you in tweaking your knowledge.


Which is the best Sample Paper for ISC Board Class 12?

Oswaal ISC class 11 and class 12 sample question papers check all the above conditions and are preferred by students across the country. As Oswaal books strive to achieve quality with their every sample question paper, you can even profit from the exclusive features present below. 

  • Each subject in ISC class 11 and class 12 sample question papers are updated based on the reduced syllabus pattern of the ISC board.
  • Five solved question papers+ five unsolved question papers present the sample paper. 
  • Get online access to read a few pages for FREE before purchasing.
  • Subject Experts’ tips and tricks to score maximum marks. 
  • Commonly made mistakes & the ways to rectify them.
  • Topic-wise and chapter wise approach to devise a study plan.
  • Mind maps and QR enabled videos to assist in visual learning modes. 
  • Quick revise notes for last-minute revision.
  • Available both as e-book and paperback versions. 
  • Doubt clearing section with commonly occurred doubts and their solutions. 
  • Simplifies the concept of answering each question smartly.


In your view which Sample Papers are the best for ISC class 12? Share your views in the comment section below. 

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