Which question bank is best for CBSE class 12?
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Which question bank is best for CBSE class 12?

2 December 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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There are a variety of study materials available for CBSE class 12 students. From guides to notes, students spend thousands of money on these resources for every subject. As a result, whether it was useful or not is a question mark. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

Instead of relying on many books, you can start with a question bank. Which is the best question bank for CBSE class 12? Here we are highlighting the roadmap of factors you need to consider before purchasing a question bank. So, stick till the end to know our suggestion too.

Ideal Factors to consider while buying a CBSE class 12 Question Bank

These factors are often not considered; however, it saves your money and time.

• Syllabus & Question Pattern

The syllabus is the beginning of learning any subject. The one who understands the syllabus is the one who strategically studies eventually scores higher in the exam. Comprehending the syllabus is not just going through the information like how many chapters and topics are present.

It is about apprehending the marking scheme, question pattern, and chapters with high and low weightage. A question bank must at least have the blueprint of the syllabus so that students can start with it before devising a study plan.

• All Solved Question Papers

A question bank is a compilation of all the question papers with solutions. You can use them to understand the examination questions, the right way to answer them, and practicing the mock test.

After completing the entire syllabus, you can start going through the solved question papers to revise the topics you have learned. Every aspirant and every topper follows this formula to score centum and top the board. A CBSE class 12 question bank must have all the question papers, including compartment exam question papers.

• Precise Answers for all Questions

Even though all question banks have answers for the question papers, the solutions are vague and give hints. This creates ambiguity for you. In the end, you will end up referring to the textbook back and forth to look for answers.
Additionally, textbooks have concepts well-explained, which don’t cater to 3-mark, 5-mark, and 10-mark questions. This is why a question bank should have answers according to the marks. The apparent explanation provides clarity for the students to answer for marks instead of explaining in-detail unnecessarily.

• Affordability

Above all, it is essential to look at the cost of the question bank. There are many question bank available at cheap rates. However, some don’t have all the question papers, while others don’t have solutions.
On the flip side, few question banks are costly, which is not affordable for every student. Therefore, the question bank should be at reasonable cost at the same time have quality content.


Which is the perfect question bank for CBSE class 12?

Keeping in mind all the factors mentioned above, we suggest using Oswaal CBSE class 12 question bank for the additional reasons given below.

• Log in to the website and read a chapter for FREE before buying.
• Experts’ tips and tricks on smart ways to score better in exams.
• Commonly made errors and mistakes with apt rectification.
• All answers curated by subject experts.
• Assessment test papers to practice the learned topics.
• Innovative approaches like mind maps, video suggestions.
• Topic-wise and chapter-wise possible questions with suitable answers.


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