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25 November 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

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Do you know that human brain has more tendency to remember the uncompleted tasks than to the completed ones?


If you don’t know about this fact then let me tell you that it is a scientifically proven, and it’s known as Zeigarnik effect.


But you must be wondering that how this effect can be effective for me if I am a student. Right?


Need not worry, let’s get started and see this effect, and how it may help in exam times in more detail.



What is the Zeigarnik Effect?


The Zeigarnik effect is a result of an experiment that was performed by a renowned psychologist, and it was inferred that there are a large bunch of people who can remember the interrupted task as compared to the completed ones.


For instance, if a bunch of students is given an assignment of 100 questions and they are interrupted at the 47th question. Then there would be approximately 90% of students who could recall that they were interrupted on the 47th question as compared to the number of questions they have completed.


The strength of the Zeigarnik effect increases ten-fold when it is combined with the factors like motivation, reward expectancy, achievability, etc.



Benefits of Zeigarnik effect for students


1. Make an early start


You must have seen that there are a large number of students who are prone to procrastination. We tend to leave things for the last moment that creates this procrastination.


In this sort of situation, the Zeigarnik effect comes very handily.


For example, you have a very important assignment to submit that will have some weightage in your exams. But its due date is still far away.


You tend to think that you will start working on the assignment before some days. But if some unwanted situation arises then you only get stuck and you are unable to finish your assignment.


This will put you in procrastination. So, to overcome this scenario, make it a habit to start the tasks early so that you have ample time to complete them.


Even you can start doing the task in chunks. This will also give you a sense of satisfaction and motivation.



2. Schedule breaks to improve memory


If you keep on studying a particular subject for a continuous long time without taking any break then you only hamper your health.


You must take small breaks in between the study sittings. And in this break remember that you do a completely unrelated task from your subject.


Studies say that if you do so then you have better memory retention as compared to the students who start revising the same subject during the break.


You can go for a walk, make some drink for yourself, or even do some exercise in your break.


When you just design your entire day study routine with required breaks then you will feel more motivated at the end of the day.



3. Create a to-do list by end of the day


If you just start studying with the mindset that you need to complete this and there is a long way to complete this then you only invite anxiety for yourself.


Instead, by using the Zeigarnik effect make a to-do list at the end of the day for all the incomplete tasks. This will help you remain calmer.


Moreover, your entire day will go smoothly.



Final Thoughts


Zeigarnik effect can extremely help the students if they try to implement this effect in their life at this stage.


Even during exam times, this effect will help you stay calm and motivated. And, ultimately you will feel more accomplished in this way.


The mental peace that you will encounter by using this effect in your daily routine will be unmatchable. So, just try it in your life and make things work out for you.



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All the Best!



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