Top 7 Resolutions Student Should Pick Up to Succeed in Class 12 this Year
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Top 7 Resolutions Student Should Pick Up to Succeed in Class 12 this Year

29 April 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Top 7 Resolutions Student Should Pick Up to Succeed in Class 12 this Year

Class 12 is a unique time of your life. One of the important reasons for this is that you’ve got to make fruitful use of most of your time to help you derive the maximum output. Parents, teachers, and relatives leave no stone unturned in reminding us what should be done and what should be not in this precious, limited time. Does all that incoming advice confuse you?

Don’t worry, Oswaal Books is here with the top 7 resolutions to succeed in class12 that you can inculcate in your life and can achieve desired results.


1. Set Small, Measurable Goals

The entire class 12 journey is a huge mountain to conquer. Why not set and achieve milestones to make it easier? Sure everyone’s end goal in class 12 is to score the maximum marks and this might seem like a big deal at first, but not if you break it down into smaller goals. Setting small and measurable goals will not only give you a clear insight into your goals but will also boost your confidence each time you achieve one!


2. Clear Your Doubts

Doubts are like roadblocks in the path of learningYou need to remove it to progress further. Don’t let doubts pile up in your mind. Seek out help from your teachershelp books to solve all your doubts, be it big or small so that you can proceed smoothly to the path forward.


3. Find a Mentor Figure

There are plenty of people around you who have walked in your shoes before. Why not approach them for their precious advice? Such a person could be your parent, an elder sibling, a teacher, or even a senior. Find your mentor in them and discuss with them your general doubts regarding any difficulties you are facing or even about the path ahead in life. Such mentors will offer you the best possible advice based on their experiences.


4. Make use of Digital Resources

The world has shrunk because of digitization. Some of the best digital resources are available at the tip of your fingers and you shouldn’t underestimate their power. They offer you the latest and updated knowledge. You don’t have to worry about making space for them in your cupboard! What’s more, you don’t even have to wait for the stocks to return so that you can start studying! Get your favorite Oswaal E-book delivered in 5 minutes as ALL of the Oswaal books are now available as E-Books!


5. Do some Group Study and Discussion

One of the best things about being in class 12 is that you know so many people who are grappling with the same problems as you are. Put the power of groups to use! Get your friends together on a concall or a video conference and you can discuss your doubts with them. You can also divide complex chapters or problems and distribute it amongst yourself. Then, each one of you could share the knowledge and help each other overcome the difficult parts faster and with much ease!


6. Follow the Latest News

Class 12 marks an important transitioning year for all of us. Hence, it is no longer enough to stick to bookish learning alone. Step out and start following what’s happening around you. You can pick some useful newspapers or online magazines for students to keep yourself updated about the economical and social news in the society as such news is ultimately going to influence the professional you will become some years down the line.


7. Exercise More Often

Long, intensive hours of study can often take a toll on your body and make it stiff. Hence, it is important that you exercise every day, even if it means simple stretching or walking around in your neighborhood for 15 minutes. Regular exercise will prevent your body from becoming stiff and also keep you energized throughout the day.

So there you go! This is our curated list of the top 7 resolutions for you to succeed in class 12. Do you have any other golden resolution to add to this list? Drop it into the comments section below!

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