Three Do’s and Don’ts for Every ISC Teacher to Keep in Mind

Three Do’s and Don’ts for Every ISC Teacher to Keep in Mind

8 August 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Three Do’s and Don’ts for Every ISC Teacher to Keep in Mind

All ISC teachers want to be as successful as possible when they are in the classroom. While it’s easy for teachers to have a lesson plan and head into the classroom fully prepared to educate.OSWAAL BOOKS is sharing few things that they need to keep in mind before setting foot in the door. Far beyond simply understanding what needs to be taught and how to reach students when they are struggling, teachers also need to keep these do’s and don’ts in mind if they want to succeed.

1. Remember That Networking Is Important

One of the most important things for teachers to keep in mind is that they are not alone. It is very easy, especially for a relatively new teacher, to feel like they do not have any support when they are teaching. This can make teachers feel lonely and even cause them to make mistakes in judgement or when running the class.

Luckily, if other teachers are there for support, it is a great relief. Any struggling teacher who needs a little additional help in the classroom will want to reach out for assistance. Doing so will lessen the stress that a teacher feels and help them better control their classroom.

2. Teachers Must Not Show That They Are Indecisive

New teachers can easily make the mistake of showing the class that they are indecisive. This can easily backfire, as it will undermine the authority of the teacher and can make the class feel like they are in control of how the day will operate. Being able to make fast decisions in the classroom is the key.

It’s better for a teacher to change their mind at a later time than it is for them to appear indecisive. Coming to students with changed information or after rethinking a position in class will allow teachers and students to build rapport and still helps teachers to maintain control of the classroom.

3. Remember to Learn From Mistakes

Every teacher will need to take time to make mistakes and thus improve their skills over time. Mistakes do not mean that a teacher is not cut out for their job, but rather that they may need time or help to improve how they handle problems in the class.

Since every teacher will make mistakes, it’s a good idea for newer ISC teachers to work with teachers who have been teaching for a longer amount of time. This mentorship allows younger and newer teachers to get the support that they need when they feel like they are having problems. Mistakes are a wonderful way for teachers to learn and grow, but only when teachers take time to learn from them.

All teachers are going to have a different teaching style, just like students have differing learning styles. The best ISC teachers who know how to get help when they need it and how to improve their teaching skills will find that they are much more successful in the classroom. This success translates to better learning and a happier and healthier learning environment for all students.

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