Three Definite Ways in Which ISC Class 10 & Class 12 Teachers Can Bring Out the Best in Students

Three Definite Ways in Which ISC Class 10 & Class 12 Teachers Can Bring Out the Best in Students

4 September 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Three Definite Ways in Which ISC Class 10 & Class 12 Teachers Can Bring Out the Best in Students

Every ISC teacher wants to make sure that they are doing everything possible to help their students succeed. Since every student is different, this means that teachers need to meet them on their level. They also need to consider their learning style. Oswaal Books is here with some of the points which should be considered by teachers like what problems the students may be facing in their personal lives and how they can help.

1. Meet the Student Where They Are and Then Push Them to Succeed

This is especially important for students in ISC class 12, as they are preparing for a specific vocation. Students at this level have already passed through years of education and so they are very likely to feel confident in their future and how they act in class.

However, teachers still need to make sure that they understand where their students are now and where they want to be in a few years. Helping students by pushing them to prepare for a vocation will allow them to study, feel confident, and gain the knowledge that they need to be successful. This gentle push for success is key for older students who are wanting to prepare for a vocation in the future. 

2. Take Into Consideration Different Learning Styles

Every student has a different learning style, and teachers who teach ISC class 12 must make sure that they understand how each student learns, as well as how they can help improve learning and function in the classroom. At this age, some students may still struggle to learn in more than one way.

Understanding learning styles and knowing how to meet those student’s needs is key to a successful classroom. This will help bring out the best in any student. Often, students struggle to succeed because they have not had teachers who understood the struggles that they felt or how they learned. When teachers know how their students learn, then it will be much easier for them to successfully teach them.

3. Be Mindful of Personal Problems That May Affect Learning

All students, no matter their age or how successful they are in class, will struggle at some point in time when learning. This is often not due to a problem with the teacher, but will more likely stem from a personal issue. It’s easy for teachers to become frustrated and to feel like the problem is with them.

This is counterproductive. Great teachers can improve their students’ performance when they understand problems that may affect their learning. Personal issues at home can often become problems at school. Helping students understand these issues will allow them to better control their emotions, leave their problems at home, and ultimately be much more successful in the classroom.

Great teachers who want to see an improved performance in their ISC class 12 need to remember these three ways to help their students be their best. Embracing students where they are is key to ensuring that they feel safe at school and are learning the best that they possibly can.

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