The Evolution of Help Books
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The Evolution of Help Books

20 May 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Oswaal Books Help Books

Workbooks have been favorite educational tools of students, parents, and teachers since more than a decade. They contain several activity sheets with different exercises, visual aids, and other resources to make the learning easier for students. These workbooks are based on different subjects for different grades. However, over the last few years, the workbooks have gradually evolved into full-fledged help books with all study resources rolled into one for enhanced learning.

Oswaal workbooks are a fine example of these help books. They have been designed to assist students of all grades in making their academic concepts strong and clear, do a systematic study throughout the year, get practical tips and score better in exams. Students who appear for board exams every year can refer these help books also to understand the examination pattern, solve questions papers as per the prescribed marking scheme, develop writing speed and increase their time management skills.


Let’s take a look at the various CBSE workbooks and NCERT workbooks offered by Oswaal publishing house.

  1. Question Banks
  • Strictly based on CBSE and NCERT curriculum
  • Chapter and topic-wise introduction
  • Different question patterns – MCQs, HOTS, VSA, Value-based and short/long/very long
  • Solved papers with prescribed marking scheme
  • Toppers answers
  • Board exam questions of previous years from different boards
  • Mind maps and flowcharts for visual memory
  • On-tips notes
  • Video links in every chapter for a digital learning experience
  1. Sample Question Papers
  • Latest hybrid edition with e-learning activities
  • Based on the latest CBSE syllabus of the ongoing academic year
  • A set of 10-15 model test papers developed by Oswaal Editorial team
  • Five solved papers with prescribed marking scheme and word limit
  • Toppers’ handwritten answers
  • On-tips notes, answering tips and mind maps for crisp revision
  • Commonly made errors section for clearer thinking
  • Solutions are available on the website of Oswaal Books ( or by scanning the QR code inside the book.
  1. Pullout Worksheets
  • Chapter and topic-wise practice papers
  • Maximum time and maximum marks with each practice paper
  • Free solutions on the website of Oswaal Books (
  • Previous years’ board questions
  • Suggestions and answering tips for students given by the board
  • Mind maps for remembering facts and figures
  • Board examiners comments and answering tips
  1. NCERT Solutions (Exemplar+Textbook)
  • Chapter and topic-wise questions
  • Latest hybrid edition with e-learning activities
  • Quick review and mind maps for clarity of concepts
  • Know the links and tip-tricks for detailed study
  • Based on the latest NCERT textbook and Intext questions
  • Important questions along with answers
  • QR codes for easy access on your mobile handset
  • Previous years’ CBSE board questions fully solved
  • Expert advice and some commonly made errors to avoid mistakes done by students
  1. Unsolved Papers/Solved Papers
  • Chapter and topic-wise questions
  • Previous year question papers
  • Handwritten answers of toppers
  • Periodic test-series for pre-med, mid and post-midterm preparation
  • Typology of questions as per the question paper design issued by CBSE
  • HOTS and evaluation questions
  • Includes Know the Terms/Facts/Formulae/Links/Flowcharts
  • Strictly based on the latest syllabus

All these help books from Oswaal are customized and continuously updated according to class level (grade 1 to 1) and boards (CBSE, NCERT, ISCE, ISC, Gujarat Board, Karnataka Board). With Oswaal workbooks by your side, you don’t have to go anywhere else for your educational resources.

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