The Biggest Problem With Class 2 kids, And How You Can Fix It
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The Biggest Problem With Class 2 kids, And How You Can Fix It

18 December 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

The Biggest Problem With Class 2 kids, And How You Can Fix It

The Class 2 level is an interesting time in the scholastic career of young students.

On the one hand, they are no longer complete rookies, having had a year of schooling under their belt. Now that the initial shock of integrating into the world of schooling has worn off, they can focus on their schoolwork a little more as they build up the skills that will ultimately prove vital for their future scholastic and employment-based ambitions. Class 1 saw the beginning of the marathon that is the education system. Class 2 is the time to really hit the ground running.

Unfortunately, Class 2 is all too often a year that trips up students. The biggest problem facing Class 2 kids isn’t one singular issue, but rather a broader existential threat – namely, the prospect of falling behind. Again, education is like a ladder. You have to go through the steps one at a time, and slipping up on one can impede your ability to climb further, or leave you far below others.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you don’t want that to happen to the Class 2 kids under your purview. Here Oswaal books shares a few strategies you can employ to fix this problem.

Confidence Is Everything

When a student starts to fall behind, confidence can be their biggest limiting factor in trying to get back into the race. Here, help books and Class 2 workbooks might help, but they won’t be enough. You need to build up a child’s confidence, and that will require one-on-one interaction between the pupils and their teachers and parents.

Every child is different and will require a different amount of attention and different kinds of motivation. You’ll want to take the time to sit down with a child, find out what they’re struggling with, and what might motivate them. Make sure to celebrate little victories. You want them to act as stepping stones on the path to sustainable confidence and, ultimately, success.

Double Down on the Basics

One of the biggest reasons struggling in Class 2 can be such a problem is the fact that it can leave a child behind everyone else going forward because the never mastered the basics. workbooks can be of great help here. They can help students really focus on the basics of a subject.

Teamwork Triumphs

Finland has long been one of the great powerhouses in the world of adolescent education. Part of their secret lies in their ability to get students to help one another. In Finnish, as well as Japanese schools, students teaching students is a big phenomenon. This can often help more than teachers alone, as students are naturally inclined to trust and feel more comfortable with those their own age as opposed to adult authority figures.

Having students help one another to complete Class 2 workbooks as a team can be a great way to help struggling students.

The biggest problem for Class 2 kids is falling behind. With these tips, you can give them a leg up instead.


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