Seven tips for home studying during the coronavirus pandemic
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Seven tips for home studying during the coronavirus pandemic

28 July 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Seven tips for home studying during the coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our everyday lives. What many of us knew as the normal can no longer apply. The work and schooling environment has had to adjust accordingly. For students, it is critical to keep learning as concentrating on studies might not be easy when you are home all day during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here Oswaal Books is sharing seven tips for home studying to achieve your academic goals this year, during the Coronavirus pandemic below.


1. Have Realistic Goals in Mind

Have goals of what you want to achieve. The goals should be realistic so that you do not overburden yourself. Setting unrealistic goals can be frustrating, and you will most likely not hit your targets.

For example, let’s say that you have CBSE board exams on the way. To motivate yourself and score successfully in these exams, you can set yourself everyday study goals. In this way, you’ll be motivated enough to complete these everyday goals, and by the time your exams come, you’ll be ready to achieve success.


2. Routine is Critical

Continue with the normal routine as if you were going to school. Wake up early, have a healthy breakfast, and structure your study routine with a timetable. stick to your schedule at all times.

Set a time to log into your online classes each day. Use an alarm, a reminder as Proper time management is essential. 

You can use time management app or sticky notes to decide when you’re going to study, when you’ll take breaks, and how you’ll reward yourself for each completed task.


3. Have a Study Space

Your bed may not be the best place to study. Allocate a study space that is free from distraction, and is comfortable.

Students have so many resources to manage and so much to do that they often end up strewing everything all over their houses. The result? Chaos and unnecessary wastage of time every time you reach out for something. Why not keep everything in one place and call it your study space?

Your own distraction-free study space is like a temple for you. You can keep all your stuff like bookslaptop, stationery, papers, a bag, and a water bottle organized in one place. It doesn’t even have to be a complete room.  Just a dedicated nook or space in your house you can peacefully choose to study is fine as long as it is airy and free from distractions.


4. Use Appropriate Learning Tools

Take advantage of the different learning tools available such as sample papers, self-help books, reference books, and question banks, to name a few. 

We live in a world where we’re surrounded by technology in every aspect of our life, and even the most remote information can be made available on the internet just by the click of a button. Oswaal Books has several different sample papers and Help Books on their site, which you can use to study better and efficiently for your journey to ultimate success!


5. Include Rest and Social Hours

Increase your productivity by incorporating some time for rest and socializing with other people. After all, all work and no play will always make Jack a dull boy.


6. Maintain Your Focus

Studying at home can be difficult because of the distractions. Learn to focus and stick to your schedule at all times.


7. Ask For Help

Be open to asking for help when you need it. Your parents should be more than willing to get you a tutor if you’re struggling with some areas.

What can be the other Tips for home study to achieve the study goals? Please give your comments below.

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