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Safety Measures to Take When Opening Your School after Covid-19 Lockdown

4 August 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Safety Measures to Take When Opening Your School after Covid-19 Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the lockdown of learning institutions worldwide. Students have had to stay indoors to decrease the rate of infections within the country. A large number of these students transitioned successfully from off-line to online classes. But as WHO official Nabarro recently said, ‘Coronavirus is the new reality. I believe that the world will have to learn to live with Corona in our midst.’ 

Eventually, schools will reopen, and it is crucial to know the safety measures to take while reopening the schools. Oswaal Books is here with some suggestions, the school should consider once open In order to ensure the safety and well-being of students.


Follow Government Guidelines

Health and safety is a key concern for everyone. The government issues guidelines as a way of curbing the spread of the coronavirus. The information they give is based on extensive research by the ministries and health officials. Update yourself accordingly so that you can implement them appropriately. It would be best if you also planned to educate the staff and students on the same.


Maintain Social Distancing

Social distancing is a critical safety measure. Ensure students and staff members understand the importance and stick to it. Have the relevant markings to help keep people at the right distance from each other.


Plan for any eventualities

Since reopening may mean a resurgence in infections, you must plan for any eventualities. Plan to educate staff and students on what to watch out for. Encourage self-reporting, even if the cases are at home. It will help identify vulnerable students, thus allowing you to take appropriate actions. Such actions could include allowing the students to continue with home learning. Fortunately, with technology and study resources, students can still keep up.


Stagger student reporting times

You want to avoid a situation where all the students arrive at the same time. It would result in too much contact amongst them. If possible, put in a system that allows for different groups to arrive at different times.


Avoid Social Groupings

Social groupings such as assemblies are not a good idea. Find ways to communicate with students and staff without needing to assemble. A public address system, for example, is an excellent way to communicate without the need to gather.


Stock up on Sanitizers and Water Points

Sanitizers ensure hygiene and cleanliness. Plan to encourage proper handwashing and the use of sanitizers by everyone. Putting up posters and visual reminders will also act as constant reminders on the need to sanitize.

Sanitization also means keeping the school clean at all times. Before opening, take the necessary steps to clean up thoroughly.


Offer the Right Learning Support

Students and teachers will need the proper support to catch up with lost time. Oswaal books stocks leaning support in the form help books like Sample papers, Question banks.


Mental and Psychological Support

Different people are reacting to the pandemic differently. Ensure you have proper mental and psychological support for both staff and students.

When schools open, it is critical to have the right safety measures in place to curb its spread. At Oswaal Books, we encourage schools to put in place such measures.

We also understand that students and teachers will need all the help to catch up with lost time. We stock all CBSE Reference books and CBSE help books. Visit us today, and let’s keep learning ongoing, even in these tough times.

What can be the other precautions which should be taken by schools to ensure safety? Share your views in the comment section below.


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