Resources That’ll Make Your class 10 Result Better
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Resources That’ll Make Your class 10 Result Better

11 December 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

Resources That’ll Make Your class 10 Result Better

Class 10 examinations are very important for your career goals. You also need to prepare for the test as it is an essential foundation for the class 12 examinations. Preparation for an exam is quite overwhelming and tiresome. However, with the right resources, you may prepare for your class 10 results and emerge with pleasant results.

Here Oswaal Books is sharing seven resources that’ll make your class 10 results better.


  1.     Past Class 10 Examination Questions

You should prepare for your class 10 examination using the previous year’s question papers, these are very efficient during the preparation for an examination. Some questions might be repeated while other questions in your examination are related to the questions in the past exams. With a class 10 question bank, you shall be better prepared to make your class 10 result better.


  1.     Class 10 Revision Notes

Revision notes are useful while preparing for any examination since most questions are from the notes. To make your class 10 result better, you shall need to make a summary of the class notes that you made. You can take help of Oswaal books to prepare revision notes for your exam. 


  1.     Sample papers

While preparing for a class 10 examination, you are required to go through volumes of data. You need to get the appropriate direction on the areas that need special attention.  The Sample Question Papers are a set of 10 model test papers based on the latest CBSE syllabus of the current academic year. Five of these test papers come with solutions as per the marking scheme of the board along with the handwritten answers by toppers and on-tips notes. The answers are explained in detail within the word limit specified by the board. Students who have registered on the website of Oswaal Books can download the solutions for CBSE Sample Question Papers (Class 10 to 12) and Karnataka Sample Question Papers (Class 10, PUC I and PUC II) from this link:  


  1.     Class 10 Help Books


Class 10 help books have been very resourceful for the previous candidates who have sat the board examinations. The resource books are available for all subjects in different languages. Oswaal Books has some of the best class 10 help books on their website. You may also get these books from Amazon or a well-stocked bookstore near you.


  1.     Question Answering Guides


In your preparation for the examination, you should sharpen your answering techniques. There is quite a number of answering guides for class 10 candidates. The class 10 help books from Oswaal books contain an answers section for the questions available in the book. Answers are systematically drafted with explanations that every learner can easily comprehend and apply.



  1.      Self Confidence

On the examination day, you have to sit the examination personally. You must build confidence to face the examination before the examination date arrives. Use all the materials available at your disposal. Do not work hard, but rather work smart in your preparation. When you are adequately prepared, you shall not fall short of self-confidence during the exam period.


  1.     Motivation

Motivation can either be extrinsic or intrinsic. Before external forces motivate you, you need to find intrinsic motivation. Take some time to find the reasons why you are taking the examination. Also, consider your future career goals and all that you need to do in order to arrive at your career goal. The right motivation will make your class 10 result better.


In conclusion, you should always remember that failure to plan is in itself a plan to fail. Therefore, the first step towards getting better class 10 result is having enough preparation. 

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