In SSLC To get 100% in all the subjects how to study what to do
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In SSLC To get 100% in all the subjects how to study what to do

18 January 2021 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

In SSLC To get 100% in all the subjects how to study what to do

The SSLC examination is widely considered to be the gateway examination that decides what a student’s future is going to look like. It is a big jump from the 9th standard, since students, for the first time, are competing on a national level when they appear for the SSLC. 

The syllabus is considerably lengthy and there are layers to each subject. In no way is it an examination that you can take for granted, prepare for at the last minute, and ace it. That being said, if a student follows a schedule and devises a strategy for coping with the syllabus, they can get 100% in every subject and with discipline, students can do it without seeking help from coaching classes or tuitions. 

Oswaal Books has elaborated on a few tips and tricks that will help you get 100% in each subject in SSLC that you can find later in the article.

Follow these tips if you want that 100% in each subject and pass SSLC with flying colours

The first thing you need to realize is that it won’t be easy. The competition is cut-throat and mental preparation is as important as physical. Therefore, before we delve into the tips, you need to have the grit and determination and approach the SSLC syllabus with overwhelming positivity. Here are some tips that will help you secure that 100% in each subject:

1. Construct a schedule that allows you enough time to rest 

Most students grill themselves way too hard, stay up nights, and break their backs to get their syllabus covered and prepare for Karnataka SSLC examinations. This is possibly the worst possible methodology that you can adopt as it proves to be counter-productive, nine times out of ten. Giving your body the rest it needs to recuperate is extremely crucial if you want to keep your efficiency at the optimum level. Getting enough sleep is important otherwise you will never be able to enhance your retention capabilities and thereby, fall prey to the vicious cycle of revisiting and re-studying.


2. Get an idea of what the SSLC examination can consist of or what it can demand 

The trick to getting 100% in an examination like SSLC Karnataka is to have a clear idea about the questioning pattern of SSLC and having a strong intuition about the topics that are usually emphasized by SSLC. This is something that can be developed over time if you practice solving enough sample papers. However, not every sample paper is drafted in an analytical and exam-oriented manner that can help you get that 100%. Oswaal Books’ Karnataka SSLC Sample Papes are ideal for this. They are updated with the latest patterns and even have rare questions. Solving these papers will always help you get an advantage and move you a little closer to that 100%.


3. Once you have completed preparing for the examination, keep solving question banks 

You might not realize it, but solving previous years’ questions are extremely beneficial as it helps you be more efficient when it comes to comprehending the question paper, analyzing it and answering it with precision and the right information. The biggest problem that students generally face when taking the Karnataka SSLC examination is that they are unable to organize and strategically approach the question paper so that they can effectively allot time to each section or question and complete the paper in time. This is something that Oswaal Books’ SSLC Question Bank can help you develop. Time management is crucial for acing Karnataka SSLC and if you can manage your time well during the examination, half the fight has been won.


4. Study from other relevant study materials if you want to garnish your answers for that perfect score 

The fact of the matter is that your marks will be as good as your answer. So, you would want your answers to be neat, crisp, to-the-point but artfully packed with important information that examiners generally wouldn’t find others’ answers. This will help you get the edge and therefore, get higher marks for the same question. For example, Oswaal Books’ SSLC Sample Papers also have solutions (solved question papers) for the same that you can refer to in case you need help with constructing your answers or additional information to embellish your answers with.


5. Start early if you want to pace yourself and cover the entire SSLC syllabus with great detail

Students who procrastinate are usually the ones who end up compromising on their preparation and draining themselves in trying to cope with the syllabus. If you start early and follow a daily schedule, you can evenly spread out the syllabus in the form of achievable targets and accomplish each one, without putting in so much effort. This will give you a lot more time to solve question papers, study reference books, and gain additional information as well.


6. Revise daily to keep the covered subjects fresh in your mind

There is no denying the fact that the vast Karnataka SSLC examination curriculum can be a little overwhelming. Learning and remembering everything truly becomes a challenge too hard to meet. That is why, students who revise on a regular, can retain more information and recall at will. Make notes while you study to revise daily. This will make sure that the topics you cover are etched into your mind.


No examination is too difficult for you to secure 100%. It will certainly be a little tricky, given that thousands of students appear for Karnataka SSLC each year but if you study the right way and from the right study materials, rest assured - you can easily secure 100% in each subject. 



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