ICSE Board Class 10 | 5 benefits of solving Sample Question Papers
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ICSE Board Class 10 | 5 benefits of solving Sample Question Papers

19 November 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

ICSE Board Class 10 | 5 benefits of solving Sample Question Papers

Class 10 board exams have a vital role to play in a student’s prospects. Students are required to streamline their entire preparation process in such a way, with all the necessary resources, that it adds value to their final performance. ICSE board Class 10 is regarded as a tough nut to crack with the vast syllabus, relatively more complex than CBSE. During the preparation for board exams, following a strict plan-of-action can help the students prepare well and score excellent marks. There are multiple advantages associated with solving sample papers. This resource doesn’t just help you with self-assessment but also gives you an insight into the expected paper pattern. Let us understand the same in detail.

Primary Benefits of Solving ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10


1.Helps you identify and rectify your mistakes

After completing the syllabus, students are advised to start solving one ICSE sample paper every day like a mock test. Why? Because when you start solving a proper question paper, with all the different typologies of questions, you can analyse your understanding of every concept. Some questions will be easier for you to solve while some will be a little difficult. This will help you observe which concepts or chapters require more revision. Also, you can identify and rectify your mistakes beforehand and avoid making them in the final exam. Oswaal Books’ ICSE Sample Question Paper Class 10 comprises 5 solved question papers and 5 unsolved self-assessment papers with hints to help the students assess their preparation more comprehensively.


2.Familiarises you with the paper pattern

ICSE Sample Papers are usually compiled from previous year question papers and important questions from the textbook. This implies that you are getting an insight into what can be expected from the upcoming ICSE Board Class 10 or what questions are more likely to be asked. Thereby, Solving the ICSE sample paper will prepare you for the final performance. Oswaal ICSE Sample Question Paper Class 10 is strictly based on the updated CISCE curriculum and contains all typologies of Questions specified by the board. It helps the student get a majorly similar picture of the expected paper pattern and question types.



3.Builds an understanding of important concepts and questions

As discussed in the previous benefit, ICSE sample papers are a compilation of previous year’s question papers and important questions from your prescribed textbook. Certainly, it contains all the important concepts and questions from every chapter. Ergo, solving ICSE sample papers for Class 10 will help the students explore different types of questions making them comfortable with all the different combinations of concepts. Oswaal ICSE Sample Question Paper Class 10 is designed after keeping the latest board specimen paper as a base. It contains all the important concepts and questions that have been recurring in previous year question papers as well.


4.Boosts confidence

Solving a sample paper is just like attempting an examination if done in the same time-bound way. This means that the student is channelizing his/her mind to attempt the examination. This helps in getting rid of examination anxiety and boosts confidence.


5.Improves your speed and accuracy

When you start solving a sample paper, you will be able to comprehend the time taken to solve every individual question. It is just like practicing paper solving for the final performance. Naturally, it will help you improve your speed and accuracy in solving the question paper. Not to forget, students should practice solving the paper within 2.5 hours so that they still have 30 mins to revise the answers and rectify silly mistakes. Oswaal ICSE Sample Question Paper Class 10 consists of handwritten ICSE topper’s answer sheets. Students can refer to these answer sheets to understand the specifics of writing the best and most scoring answers.

Oswaal ICSE Sample Question Paper Class 10  for 2020-21

Oswaal Books strives to provide the students with a bunch of accurately designed resources and study material to help them get good scores. Oswaal Books has a range of ICSE Sample Question Papers and Question Banks for Classes 9th and 10th. All the resources are precisely updated as per the revision in the curriculum by the ICSE board, to furnish the latest and fresh content for students. Not just that, its resources comprise interesting tools such as On-Tips Notes, Answering Tips, Mind Maps, and Hints associated with important concepts from an examination perspective. All these tools help the student write better answers and build accuracy in solving the final examination. 

There are 5 solved question papers which can build an understanding of how to write good answers and 5 unsolved self-assessment papers to solve, identify, and rectify mistakes. Answering tips and hints provided alongside these question papers help the students in giving appropriate answers to score well.


ICSE Board exams are not easy. However, referring to proper resources and preparing for the best can help you get good marks. Every student needs to solve ICSE sample papers to predict what can be asked in the final examination and also to improve the accuracy of writing answers. Oswaal provides the best ICSE sample papers for class 10 to perform self-assessment and improve the performance.

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