How to Prepare for NEET and Class 12th Board Exams Simultaneously
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How to Prepare for NEET and Class 12th Board Exams Simultaneously

28 August 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

How to Prepare for NEET and Class 12th Board Exams Simultaneously

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), a national-level examination conducted for admission to the medical courses in India, is a tough nut to crack. Getting admission into a medical course is not easy, hence, candidates appearing for this medical entrance test must first focus on NEET preparation. However, the focus should change to class XII boards two weeks before the examinations start.

It is essential for NEET aspirants to perform well in the board exams as well as achieve a fair score in the entrance examination for NEET. Since NCERT books lay the foundation for NEET. preparation NCERT books are the first books that one must choose for NEET preparation. These books are the core of NEET preparation and experts have emphasized their importance time and again. The same books will help you with class 12th board preparation. Overlapping study material will save both time and effort.


Let us see how you can nail the NEET and Class 12 Board exam as you cement your path to becoming a medical student.


1. Get The Right Reading Material

The first step to getting you in the exam mood is to have the right learning resources with you.NEET syllabus covers all your class 12 concepts and topics. You will be prepared well for board exams when you study for NEET.

The primary learning material is NEET books. Here, there is the exam syllabus, which contains the major subjects to help you understand various concepts. You can also look for individual subject books to help you get a deeper understanding of various topics.


2. Focus On Your Studying Practices

With the right reading material ticked on your checklist, you now need to pay attention to your studying habits. If you have the determination to make it to med school, you need to show resiliency when studying, where you also study smart.

Studying smart focuses more on understanding the various topics rather than memorizing them to pass your exams.


3. Timekeeping

One thing to keep in mind is that you have two exams coming your way and you need to perform well in both if you want to make your dreams a reality. To ensure this, you need to divide your time accordingly, where each subject gets ample study time.

You should not forget time for other chores such as sleeping and a little playtime, to release the tension and make your mind free. With a good timekeeping habit, you set a good foundation for your medical studies.


4. Consult Where Necessary

When preparing for the NEET and Class 12 Board exams, there are some areas that you may not have appropriately grasped. It is a regular occurrence as, after all, you are a student, and you do not know everything. In such a situation, it is prudent to ask around for help.

You can ask your teachers for help in different areas you find difficult. Your fellow students may also help you out, and you can form discussion groups that may touch on various topics affecting you.


5. Get Sample Papers and Preparation Books

Still, focusing on preparedness, you should get sample papers and preparation books, which give you an idea of what to expect in the exam room. A NEET preparation book is one of the best orientation material that gives you a hint on the structuring of the questions and how to answer them.

Tackling some sample papers from previous sittings can also help boost your confidence before the exam, which is something you need.

Oswaal Books have also designed NEET Question Banks for all the aspirants who wish to crack NEET. The Question Banks are a compilation of questions from the last 32 Years’ Question Papers of AIPMT to enable exam-oriented preparations.

Some benefits of studying from Oswaal NEET Question Banks are:

  1. Mind Maps and Revision Notes for quick and comprehensive revision before the exam.
  2. Well defined Tips and Tricks by experts to crack the exam.
  3. Chapter-wise Objectives.


Final Thought:

When the NEET exams and Class12 Board examinations are around the corner, you need to bring your best to pass them. Highlighted are some of the ways to prepare for the exams to emerge successfully.

A recommended move is to get studying material such as the Oswaal NEET question bank and NEET syllabus to help you out.

What can be the other tips to prepare for NEET? Share your views in the comment section below.


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